A gift with a twist- Personalized Flowers

Flowers always make for a lovely gift in my eyes, perfect for saying “well done”, “get well soon”, “thank you” or simply just because. I was recently contacted by Personalized Flowers about their twist on the traditional gift, they offer the option of sending a stunning rose to someone complete with a personal message printed directly on to the flower itself. Intrigued by how this could work I found myself taking up the offer of a rose*, choosing to have it printed with a simple thank you to my parents because lately, more than ever they have gone above and beyond with their love and support.
The rose arrived in sturdy cardboard packaging meaning it survived the postal journey- always a plus when sending a gift! It was housed in a self contained pod of water and made for an attractive offering. I wasn’t sure how printing on to a fresh flower would actually translate but the effect was nice and lasted for as long as the rose did (about a week for the record). Both myself and my parents were really taken with this, it could be seen as a bit of a gimmick by some but it was nice for them to be able to display this token of appreciation and for me to find something to give them that isn’t yet another bundle of chocolate.

The ordering process is simple, you can select from one of four colours for the rose (orange, white, yellow or pink) and then customise with either no message (£5.99), a pre-set message (£7.99), a custom message (£8.99) or for a gift that will truly last you can select a silk rose for (£9.99) with a message of your choice. You can add in a card at no extra cost and select a delivery date to suit you.

It’s not something I’ll be sending all of the time- it’s not the cheapest gift around but as a unique concept and the chance to send something a little bit different I think it’s a great idea and a well executed one.

Who would you most like to send a rose to right now?


3 comments for “A gift with a twist- Personalized Flowers

  1. What a lovely and unique idea! I’d send one to my parents too, their support is just incredible x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

  2. It’s a lovely idea. You could, in theory, keep the petal with the message and dry it – or even dry the whole flower to keep. As a ‘thank you’ these are such a lovely idea.

  3. I find the idea a bit bizarre!!! Roses are beautiful in their own respect!