a little bit of pretty

Blouse from OASAP, Oasis jeans, Shoes from Runway Shoes

This is only the second time I’ve worn this blouse from OASAP. I’m not usually a blouse person, I never know what to pair them with, and up until recently I would never team a top so short with skinny jeans. I’m glad I got over that little fear though as I really love the denum and chiffon look, and I love the fact I now have a top I will wear for both work and non-work days.

I’m on a real upswing lately; ready to grab life by the balls and try new things…it’s refreshing, despite hurdles and bad news in among it all.

we’re at Wednesday now which means HALF WAY to the weekend, and it’s an extra long one for the UK, score!

Do you have any clothing barriers; things that you just can’t bear to wear?


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  1. This is a great look for you, a little different to normal, but it really suits you! Love the studded shoes too(of course) x

  2. Looks great, and that is such a cute blouse! xo

  3. the peplum for me is a no-go and anything that attempts to cinch my waist. Argh! I love this cute blouse on you x

  4. That top is lovely and so versatile. I cant wear skinny jeans my legs are to short and muscley.

  5. love the top, such a cute collar! Also loving the bright blue pumps x

  6. The blouse is a great length! I’m scared of sleeveless, or very short sleeves I hate my upper arms, I’ll happily show of my huge butt but my arms, no way :0) x

  7. i love your blouse so cute 🙂

  8. Loving the blouse on, it looks fab, it’s not so short that it shouldn’t be with something like jeans.

    Like you, I’m not keen on shorter tops with my jeans- skinny or otherwise, at the moment I’m super struggling to find things to go with my trousers.

  9. Things I’ll never wear- sleeveless or strapless tops. I make an exception for a halterneck, but other types just do nothing for me.

    I do love this top and would like it for work though in a darker colour!

  10. Love the colour of those shoes, and the blouse looks great too.


  11. Maxi Dresses are my no no – being short and not having the skinniest of figures I always think they just drown me.

  12. Love this blouse! So pretty xx

  13. love the shoes and what a lady like blouse, perfect <3


  14. I LOVE those shoes!! 😀 x

  15. It’s a charming look, you look very pretty! The shoes are brilliant too- are they comfy?
    I still have an issue with skinny jeans, I just cannot wear them. I’ve managed to wear skinnyish chinos this year but I can’t bear to wear skinny jeans- they look awful on me and I don’t like how they feel!

  16. I love that blouse! So glad your in a positive mood lately it’s great to hear =)

  17. You should definitely wear jeans more often they look so fab on you!
    I can’t wear cropped tops, I just feel way to naked!

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  18. This outfit is a large bit pretty! Love every element of it.
    I can’t wear shorts with hosiery, it just looks so wrong on me and shirts under jumpers, I can’t do that either or socks with heels… Oh, I could go on – I’m so fussy!
    Sounds like your holiday has left you in high spirits 🙂

  19. That blouse is so pretty, I’m glad you paired it with the jeans because it looks lovely! I have a little fear of peter pan collars for some reason.

    Woo to your attitude! Keep it up guuurl xxx

  20. I absolutely adore the shoes you’re wearing! x
    Island Girl Insights ♥

  21. Perfect ! I love this look & your blog is great ! Following you now, would love for you to check out my blog and follow back if you like it !

  22. Hyperventilating. Need. That. Top. Adore it. You look gorge in it. X

  23. that top looks stunning on you hun! I love the whole look xxxx
    XO Amie

  24. You look stunning! I love the shoes too, lovely variation on the standard black studded ones!


  25. LOVE these shoes! You’ve styled them perfectly x