new blue shoes

New Look top and shorts, Bertie shoes c/o Sarenza.

Looking through my (vast) shoe collection I seem to favour this aqua blue colour for footwear. The second I clamped eyes on these Livingo by Bertie I knew exactly what my Ambassador perk was being sent on. Heels are all very well and good…and god knows I love them, but sometimes you just can’t beat a good pair of flats and rhese are so beautifully comfortable I’m tempted to invest the £60 they cost in to another colour too. They aren’t the type of shoe I am typically attracted to, I’d go so far as to say they are pretty ugly, but oh my, I have the happiest feet ever right now!

Happy actually seems to be a key theme this week, something has changed. I like it! I hope everyone else is feeling the positivity too…if nothing else, celebrate the fact it’s FRIDAY tomorrow!

What colour dominates your shoe collection?
These flats…pretty or ugly?


13 comments for “new blue shoes

  1. Lovely Outfit ,love the Shoes 🙂


  2. Do you mind me saying that I agree with you? Bit ugly. But beautiful colour and obv comfy.

  3. the comfiest shoes can be forgiven if a teensy bit ugly. I love the colour though x

  4. the comfiest shoes can be forgiven if a teensy bit ugly. I love the colour though x

  5. Comfy is good. Nothing beats happy feet.

    Black seems to be the predominate colour in my shoe collection, due to having to wear black for work.

    X x

  6. I do have a soft spot for Bertie shoes! Saw this pic in instagram and loved them x

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  8. I seem to have a lot of red shoes, maybe I’ve got a bit of yearning to be Dorothy in Wizard of Oz!
    Love the outfit hon, your holiday obviously did you world of good, you seem so chilled
    Kirsten x

  9. LOVE the shoes! And i have the same top ;o) Great taste ;o)

  10. Those shoes are darn cute!

  11. cute cute cuteeeeee!!! they’re quite grannyish which I adore, and what a colour!

    XO Amie

  12. Cute outfit! Love your t-shirt x

  13. I like. Great colour and if they are as comfy as they look I might just have to investigate a pair…