A playdate with Joy Bristol

It might have escaped your notice (I don’t know how unless this is your first time here) but I am in the midst of a re-ignite love affair with Joy at the moment, not least because of their sensational drops of Autumn/Winter clothing. Recently Joy opened the doors of a new store, near Cabot Circus in Bristol and the ever so lovely manager Emili invited me down to play dress up with some of my favourite pieces.
The store itself is a delight. I had popped in prior to this visit just to have a browse and both times the girls working there have been so sweet and helpful. Everything is laid out in a light and spacious way so you can have a proper browse and the store looks immaculate. I stupidly didn’t capture any photos of the shop floor, I was a bit too excited and distracted by everything to think of that, but there will be many a return visit so I might be able to sneak my camera in again…I HAVE to share some of the amazing home-ware with you guys, it’s amazing.
Mum came along with me last Saturday to play photographer (and calm my nerves) and we turned the day in to a proper girly shopping and gossip session, on a high after such a lovely morning. I picked out quite a lot of pieces from the latest arrivals and fell in love with each and every one of them- the quality and cut of Joy clothes is impeccable and I find the lengths of the skirts and dresses are perfect on me, despite being tall. I treated myself to a couple of bits and have plans to go back for more as soon as I have some money for clothes again.
Not everything I tried on is available online- and not everything online is in store, but I’ll pop in links to what is available on both just incase anyone feels tempted- I know I do!

These pink trousers are so far out of my comfort zone and yet I was drawn to trying them on, and I loved them! They are so comfortable and easy to wear, especially with the digital rose sweatshirt for a sporty chic kind of look. Just add converse.

I’m am oddly obsessed with mustard yellow right now so was pulled straight toward this jumper which happens to be the perfect fit (I am so going back for this). I paired it with this skirt as the colours worked beautifully together and I loved the almost sixties vibe.

This dress has already featured on a wish list and having tried it on I want it even more! It’s such a nice cut and fit, perfect to wear with some thick tights and and heeled ankle boots.

(sorry photos are the most amazing quality, I’m yet to work out all the settings etc on my camera so the lighting is a bit off!)

The co-ord set was probably my favourite outfit of the day, I can’t find it online (yes I can! top and bottom) but the pieces were around £30 each and both really versatile to wear with other things too. Another favourite was this mustard yellow swing dress which I have earmarked as my next purchase as it’s everything I want from an Autumn/Winter piece and perfect for layering up with chunky scarves and tall boots. The coat isn’t online yet but expect to see a LOT more of this as it was one of the items I purchased…love and first sight, and my fatal error was trying it on as I didn’t exactly need a new coat! C’est la vie, sometimes you have to live a little, right?

The dress in the last photos also doesn’t seem to be online at the moment, but again managed to find it’s way home with me. I’m loving swing dresses at the moment and can’t resist a collar so it was pretty much a given the second I set eyes on it.

Everything I’ve shown in this post is from Joy’s own range, Louche and if you spend over £75 (which I totally did!) you get a really nice free jumper too, winner!

A huge thank you to Emili and her awesome team for letting me come and play, it was so much fun and I’ll be back again very soon!

Which pieces have caught your eye?


15 comments for “A playdate with Joy Bristol

  1. You look a-mazing! I have a Louche cat jumper and you’re right about the quality. I’m so impressed.
    You have to buy the mustard dress, no question!

  2. Especially love the combination of the yellow swing dress with the shrimp-pink coat on you. On paper it sounds an unlikely colour combination, yet it looks SO good!

  3. I love Joy! The stores are always so beautiful and full of gorgeous things, I especially love their homeware and gifts. That yellow dress looks lovely on you, that shade suits you so much! x

    Josie’s Journal

  4. I LOVE those pink trousers on you and mustard looks so good with your hair!

    Maria xxx

  5. I’m so sad that I haven’t got a Joy store near me, I love them,!

  6. Rebecca Young

    I must have a look at this store. Cabot’s Circus is only 20 miles from where I live so I feel a trip coming on!

  7. The pictures of you in that mustard swing dress should be on their website or in a store catalogue because you look amazing in it. For that matter so should the ones of you in the pink trews. So stunning Laura, they were made for you! Just with your red hair and beautiful skin, it all works!
    I’m going to check out Joy now!

    Gems x

  8. That second outfit is definitely my fave! I used to love the store on the top of Park St, it’s great they have one more central now.

  9. I love Joy – the yellow dress is perfect for autumn! x

  10. Joy is great!!! I especially love my cat jumper from there!!!
    You do look great in these photos! X

  11. What a gorgeous post! I absolutely love the look of Joy, so many key, on-trend pieces featured! 🙂
    The pink trousers look divine on you, and I really love the idea of mustard yellow! Co-ords just suit you so well too, and you rock these ones to perfection! So lovely that the girls were sweet and made the day really worthwhile and fun <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

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  13. I have seen that Joy at Cabot Circus but have not been in yet. I love the look of this shop though x