A Special Seed

Volcom SEED

SEED is a Volcom initiative to support the grass roots of fashion. In 2009 Volcom approached the London College of Fashion with an open brief to re-invent a classic piece of Volcom denim. The prize was a six month placement working in the girls design department on a capsule collection to be known as the SEED line. 
In starting the capsule collection, the starting point for Anju was to re-visit some of Volcom’s most popular and key garments. Anju wanted to create a fresh take on these key pieces but not lose the Volcom identity. As she started the research, she became inspired by the traditional art of Origami and wanted to recreate intricate and beautiful origami techniques in fabric. 
The colour palette is based around matt and sheen black, estate blue, cinder brown and hints of plum. the combination of these colours project a feminine and sleek look, and with this being a more luxurious line, the fabric choices reflect this accordingly including silk yarns, bamboo cotton and a woven Jacquard. 
Every detail on every garment has been hand selected and developed by Anju Khusul resulting in a unique and incredible collection. 

Volcom is a brand I was more familiar in my tomboy teen days than I am now. Growing up with a skateboarding obsessed brother, I saw…and wore quite a lot of it. When an e-mail showcasing the SEED line popped up, I didn’t expect to find it so endearing; especially as it is quite a break away from my usual style…but once again, I was surprised and I could happily see me wearing any of this thanks to the fashion forward details.

Anyone who knows me well will know I’m not a fan of jeans…them and I, we just don’t get on. These padded knee detail ones however…shot right up there to the top of my wish list, along with the shoulder detail jumpers (I love me a good knit) and the blue coat…so basically, the entire collection.

What do you think? Were you aware of Volcom? Who knew they could come up with something so pleasingly tomboy chic?

Happy Friday folks!

2 comments for “A Special Seed

  1. Mat

    volcom goes back to my teen days where i liked skateboarding (though i didn’t do it much, i was rubbish). i hear they’re doing lots of charity stuff of late so that’s really great

  2. My brother also used to skate so I have heard of Volcom. I like the coat x