Chill in the Air

After what has felt like an exceptionally mild month, this week there has been a distinct chill in the air and suddenly my standard coat, gloves, scarf and hat don’t feel adequate; if I’m this cold NOW, what will I do when the snow and ice comes?

I used to hate faux fur, really, really hate it but over the last couple of years my tastes have once again changed, and this week I have serious cravings for all things cosy and strokeable.

The coats cost £65 and come from gigi vintage and the freedom hoods are from faux uk starting at £79.99…pricey, but they do look exceptionally handy for keeping both head AND neck warm!

Your thoughts on faux? Or fur in general…opening a whole can of worms here, I know.


9 comments for “Chill in the Air

  1. As the owner of two faux fur coats I can only say I heart them! I used to think it was tacky.. but hey ho now I’m a convert! The black one is lush! xx

  2. I definitely like faux fur. Wish I had more of it actually. So warm and cosy.

  3. I do love those hoods <3

    I love faux fur it’s so warm and soft there’s absolutely no need for animal fur to be used nowadays so I never buy new fur although I do have a couple vintage furs which have been passed down through the generations, but I do mostly try to buy animal friendly products where possible.

    I guess that’s kinda why I started making the animal scaves so I’d have something cute and 100% animal friendly to wear when it’s cold. xoxo

  4. I have a faux fur coat and it is so cozy!

  5. Love the coats, especially the 2nd one!!

  6. It has got so cold already, I must buy some gloves! I love faux fur coats and stoles, they are so cosy and perfect for keeping warm! x

  7. I never used to like faux fur either but I’ve seen some stuff out this season that I love! I really want a fur lined scarf to pair with my leather jacket!

  8. OMG love them soo much, i think i’m going to go a buy one soon x

  9. I’ve succumbed to some faux fur too and bought a faux fur stole, it is so so cosy!