A Visit from the Bra Fairy

The wonderful fairy over at Lingerie Please have paid me another visit! Back in September they granted my wish for bigger boobs by sending a gel padded bra,
This time, when they got in touch and asked if I’d like to review something else I said to surprise me with something pretty…and didn’t they do well?

I’m now the owner of the Gossard Desire bra. I’ve never owned anything by Gossard before, assuming that they didn’t cater for the A-cups among us,
but after conversation with Lingerie Please we decided to go down a back size and up a cup size. The result? Perfect fit (and an ego boost!)

“Inspired by gorgeous 1950’s tailoring the Desire Bra has underlying seduction and sensuality that will make you feel like a pin up super star from that decade. Fine details will keep appearing to you the more you look at this beautiful bra. Satin covered removable straps ensure you feel fabulous and make the bra very versatile. The hem is finished by a delicate scalloped edge and the gorgeous polka dot pattern brings a playful edge”

The website only shows the black version, but I was gifted the dusky pink which is just stunning. As ever the service from Lingerie Please was faultless…fast and prettily packaged.

Any other small chested girls have luck with Gossard? Or, anyone in general really! For me, it’s so nice to have grown up bras that don’t look like they come from the children’s section!

Who else loves Lingerie Please? All hail the bra fairy, I say!


29 comments for “A Visit from the Bra Fairy

  1. i love the look of this. very classic & vintage feeling. xxx

  2. BTW I spent way too much time reading about the poddington peas lol 😛

  3. Oh it looks beautiful! Underwear shopping is the absolute bain of my life. It makes me depressed just thinking about it. Did you know that New Look doesn’t even sell A cup bras for women??? You have to buy from the kids section….I’m 23…I love Spongebob but I don’t think my husband would be very impressed.
    I spend my life in the biggest gel bras I can find and I think I only own 3 bras in total and have a serious rotation system going because as a flat-chested person it’s seriously difficult to find the right fit and most of the time, to find a shop that even stocks my size in the first place.
    I would love to say that I’ll give Gossard a go but I’m not even sure where they sell it near me and I don’t want to order it online because it probably won’t fit 🙁
    (Sorry for such a long comment!! You can tell it’s something I have a big issue with!)
    Glad you love it though! 🙂

  4. Beautiful bra! I hate having to shop for bras as they seem to fit really differently in each shop and I can never find the style I like in my size!

  5. oh that’s so lovely. i really want one! 🙂 i love the vintage look to it, and the lingerie please site looks lovely!

  6. L

    Wish I had a bra fairy! Such a lovely colour.
    L x

  7. All hail indeed! I’m in desperate need of some new underwear, but shopping for it daunts me. Not my fave at all. Howeverr, this one is stunning! Such a gorgeous colour x

  8. love this bra! amazing color and fit!

  9. Looks lovely and I love the advice they gave you on which size to buy. I think I might try this myself, I could definitely do with some boobs.

  10. I think I need a bra fairy ;), looks lovely :).

    Sadie xx

  11. I find bra shopping so exasperating. It is a real hassle to find a bra that fits right, because like clothes, they all come in slightly different sizes.
    So I wouldn’t really think to buy a bra online because I’d need to try them on.

    Still, the site looks interesting.

  12. It’s just gorgeous… I’m always in need of nice new knickers! ; D

  13. Beautiful bra.

    I am always moaning that I have too much boobage its funny how we all want what we have not got xx

  14. Bex

    Beautiful bra!

  15. It’s such a lovely bra! x

  16. Love this bra! I’ve never tried Gossard before, I may take a look 🙂


  17. Oooh I’ve not heard of them but will check them out after your recommendation!

  18. Very pretty, although I don’t need my chest to be any bigger than it is!

  19. What a pretty bra and a great gift to receive.

    X x

  20. So pretty! I have opposite problem sizewise, i think we will never be happy whatever we got given! x

  21. I’ve all but given up buying new bras, nothing fits.
    Love the bra they sent you, what a fab surprise.

  22. that is gorgeous – i’m on a complete underwear buying frenzy atm after realising i was lacking any bras that actually fit me properly! x

  23. dan

    im in desperate need of new underwear, jealous!

  24. wow, that really is beautiful. Now I want to try Gossard! Previously I associated them with slightly…. older styles. No longer! It’s GORGEOUS!

  25. Very pretty – lucky girl! I was never really ‘into’ underwear until I got measured a few months ago – went down two back sizes and up a cup – and now I just love buying new bras because they actually fit! Will have to look out for these because they’re so pretty and yet wearable 🙂