A Year in Outfits













Typical representations of my style month by month. It’s quite odd looking back and seeing how one’s style has changed,
I am totally different now, compared to say, two years ago.

Has your style changed a lot over the year/s? What has been your favourite month for outfits? For me it has probably been December purely for the mix of home, work and party wear!


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  1. Fab post 🙂 I have one similar going up tomorrow.
    I love looking back at what has changed, what I still wear & what looked awful! x

  2. My

    lovely post! happy new year darling!!!!

  3. Lovely post. All your outfits are gorgeous but I especially love April’s. x

  4. Well you’ve had a super stylish year my dear and I hope a good one to remember to.

    I think it’s good to look back at how your style has changed, I to have a post very similar to put up.

    X x

  5. A great years worth of outfits, as always you bring a great mix of clothes together.
    I love the Winter months xxx

  6. I love reading these posts and seeing loads of outfits put together : ) I’m loving your December outfit and June’s. The navy dress looks terrific on you


  7. Mat

    i’m not sure if i changed much this year, i’m starting to feel comfortable with my style

  8. I have the lace peter pan collar dress from new look too! defo one of my fave buys of the year!


  9. Tights and dresses seem to be your thing! Great post, happy new year XO

  10. All of your outfits have this year have been wonderful.

  11. Anonymous

    oh my gosh i love your october/november boots!! are they sarenza?

  12. Love the May outfit so much!

  13. You are super cute.x

  14. Love all of those outfits, you have a great unique style!

  15. april and august are my favs! 🙂 xo

  16. your style is great. I enjoyed looking back through my old blog posts this year and realising how few of my looks I actually liked. Ha.
    I feel more creative in spring and summer.

  17. love this roundup! All your outfits are fab, but I think September is my favourite. I love the bright tights and floral skirt paired with a cozy sweater 🙂

  18. May and June are mty faves I think! You are so cool!

  19. Happy Neew Year. I like your May style the most. Those shoes are so gorgeous.

  20. I love the outfits for February and March, that dress is gorgeous and the blouse is lovely. Happy New Year’s Eve to you lovely Laura! xxx

  21. You have such a unique style, even though it changes I can still see you through it all 🙂

    2 years ago I thought I was Gwen Stefani, pre-2008 luxe runway(read BORING) L.A.M.B. verging more on the Harajuku/Hollaback Girl side of things. Looking back now, I have no idea what I was thinking and thank god I wasn’t blogging lol! Good times 😉

    J x x x

  22. I wish I could put an outfit together like this. I’m too scared to try anything daring.

  23. How lovely that you started and ended the year in shorts 🙂
    Lets hope 2012 is everything you want it to be x

  24. I love how you don’t have one particular style you stick you. It’s very refreshing. I also love how much your hair changes throughout the year! Awesome!

    Dinx @ Lovely in Random xoxo

  25. happy new year beautiful <3

    Here’s to the best year yet!