after the overload

To balance out this mornings sugar overload of a post, I thought it timely to pop up my review of some sugar-free goodies that the lovely folks at Sweet Junkie sent me to review…

Now you know, I’m a BIG sugar addict and have nothing against eating sugar filled goodness on a regular basis,
but sometimes I want something to munch on that isn’t going to give me a massive sugar rush, or I feel like being a bit kinder to my teeth, and at those times I reach for sugar free sweets.

I normally pick up whatever is available in my town (er, about two varieties then) or stock up on visits to places further away,
but now…Sweet Junkie has my heart (and soul) for their extensive range, awesome-ly designed website and fabulous service.
What I really love about Sweet Junkie is the care they put in to sourcing their sweets, I follow them on twitter and know they do extensive tasting before decided what to stock. This is very much appreciated, especially when it comes to sugar-free as some of the sweets can taste very artificial. These don’t! The orange and lemon slices (at the front) were my favourite…I did have to check a few times that I hadn’t picked up normal sweets instead!

For those who are sugar purists, Sweet Junkie also sell regular sweets including retro favourites
but if you can’t tolerate sugar, are health conscious or want a gift for someone who can’t eat sugar then you are well advised to check out their range (and slip in some more for me, please!)


P.S. you can follow them on twitter, here

6 comments for “after the overload

  1. sugar free sweets! mmm, looks yummy:)

  2. i’m so glad you posted this. i’m looking for some retro sweets. perfect timing! xx

  3. These look fabulous. I’m always so disappointed with sugar free sweets, but I get mega cravings for something sweet, and I’d prefer to have sugar free sometimes. Am off to have a look.

  4. lovely review!
    you have me craving sugar and candy now.
    i’ll have to take a trip down to my local drugstore!

    those look SO amazing!

  5. I wish someone would send me free sweets you lucky girl! They look really nice, going to check them out!

  6. Om nom nom! I miss being able to eat yummy sweets! xo