Are you a flip flop snob?

I could actually date the origins of this post back to last Summer, where I was once again bemoaning the demise of my £1 Primark flip flops after only a couple of days.
Previously I had never thought of flip flops as something worth investing in…I mean surely foam and plastic were one and the same no matter what the price?

I got mixed responses, some people, like me simply replaced the cheap pair with another cheap pair (I easily spent £20 doing this, and the rest!)
The others swore by Havianas, lasting them all Summer and beyond making them worth the price tag.

Enthused by this news I ordered two (pink and black, because I couldn’t decide) of Havianas, although I am yet to wear them because face it…it’s hardly flip flop weather outside right now…and by this point it was the end of last Summer and time to move on to more covered shoes.
I’m looking forward to breaking in these pillows of heaven (if hype is to be believed) and apparently saving myself time and money in not constantly having to replace…
but is this true?
Have I been suckered in, or are these really superior footwear? I don’t give harsh wear to my flip flops…a quick trip to the shops, or pottering around the house and garden is about my limit, so I’ll admit my hopes are high.
What is your experience?

Here are some styles catching my eye right now!

My classic black pair, still sat pristine inside the box waiting for warmer days (blue feet are SO last season)

I really like the FIT style, they look like a comfier alternative to gladiator type sandals that kill my feet, and yet I still insist on wearing!

Silver…because everyone’s feet need a bit of bling (except mine which fail to turn even the slightest bit golden in the Summer and therefore metallic make them look like corpse feet)

This is the other pair I have. I’m a girly girl who loves pink, and when I find the perfect slouchy jeans I plan to wear these with pride.

opinions wanted! Have I wasted my money,
will I be left sobbing on my way to Primark to hand over my last £1 for some emergency replacements
or am I right in thinking it’s ok to become a bit of a flip flop snob?

I’d also like to know where you get your old faithfuls from.


42 comments for “Are you a flip flop snob?

  1. i have a pair of ancient billabong ones which i picked up in an airport and are still going strong.. i have to admit i’ve evolved and am now more into sandals than flip flops i think..i ahve some lovely IC ones which i am longing for the weather to get nice enopugh to wear !

  2. I am definitely a Havianas girl – I have the pink pair too and I am wearing them today – think I have had them coming up for two years. And I have another patterned pair that are on their fourth year! Definitely an investment 🙂

    Never seen the FIT ones though, will definitely be getting a pair of those (If I find some money on the floor), they look soo comfy

  3. I have two pairs of Havianas, and honestly I have tried cheaper ones from like m&s and I always end up with blisters, so I think they’re great for going to the beach etc! 🙂 X

  4. They are worth the hype 🙂

  5. Hmmmmm, I’m a complete anti-snob when it comes to flip flops I guess, especially the foam ones! My feet are near indestructible (and repulsive!) so I’ve never really noticed any difference in terms of blisters and have always stuck with the cheaper the better.

    I really like the bamboo sole flipflops but haven’t seen them about anywhere for ages so I guess I’d fork out more for them if I came across them! Those FIT ones are awful pretty too though.. hmmm…payday needs to come faster!!!

  6. I have a pair of black ones and like you don’t wear them excessively.. but they seem made of durable stuff! Don’t think you’ll need the trip to Primark x

  7. I’ve never paid more than £5 for a pair of flip-flops… and they generally last me all summer. I get them off local markets though, wherever I am.


  8. I’m not really a flip flop person overall… I find the flip flopping kinda annoying! Pretty much beach only for me.

    I was tempted by havaianas when threadless started doing some designs.
    *sigh* How awesome are these?? I can’t decide which I love most!

  9. being a south african, i confess myself to be something of a flip flop connoisseur! my flip flops almost fuse themselves to my feet over summer.

    i’ve had several pairs of havianas and i personally love them, but i know a few people who have trouble with them. i think it depends on the shape of your foot to be honest! but as a general rule, i definitely think its worth spending a bit extra on flip flops 🙂


  10. Love the 2nd ones!


  11. I love flip flops!!
    Love the pink ones!!

  12. i don’t think i’ve ever worn a pair of flip flops in my life haha. they look so uncomfortable!? my sister has white havianas though and she loves them x

  13. I actually have only ever bought crappy flipflops because they never fit me properly and so now I currently own no pairs of them! think the Havanias are worth it 😀 x

  14. My mums more of a Havanias fan than I am…I bought a pair of black flip flops from m&s last year when my flats were rubbing me, and I literally lived in them all summer – think ill be living in them this year too if theyll last me!


  15. i have a few pairs, because sometimes in the summer you just need something simple to put on.
    but honestly i’m not a fan, just because they always give my feet blisters, no matter what brand.

    but i still end up getting a few pairs every year. because some stores like old navy and target just have basic ones for like $2

  16. Well in all honesty I have no idea. i don’t wear flip flops as I dont like the feel of the piece between my toes, it really irritates me and sometimes hurts. but i can kinda understand where your coming from. I used to buy the primark cheap pumps for the summer but the would usually break or wear really quickly, then my parents bought me a more expensive pair of Jasper Conran ones for christmas and they lasted ages! So sometimes I think spending more on simple items is worth it

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  17. Hmm, I’m a big fan of cheap Primark flip flops and they’re always a holiday essential for when my “proper” summer sandals give me blisters.
    But cheap flip flops in general should not be worn for long periods of time since they don’t give your feet any support and have such thin soles so I guess if you’re looking for flip flops to walk around in all day it would be worth investing in a more suitable, higher quality pair.

  18. Kim

    I’m all for cheapy flip flops, although I did once spend £15 on a pair of Gisele Bundchen flip flops from Debenhams a few years ago which I have to say are still going strong! I don’t tend to buy the foam bottomed ones though because they get wrecked so quickly xxx

  19. I’ve always stuck to cheap ones and never ever worn a pair out, but then again I don’t exactly run marathons on them either and I change the colors to match the outfit, so don’t always wear the same pair…

    The only expensive ones I can’t live without are from Merrell, but they feel more like walking sandals really even thought they are flipflops.

    Good luck! And let use know if there is any difference, ok?

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    It’s not even really self hosting, I jsut bought the doain name and my blog is still hosted and everything at blogger, you literally just tell it your blog address is different now and it does all the hard work for you!

  21. Kat

    Ah I always end up buying cheap flipflops that hurt my feet- really need to invest in some good quality ones like you’ve done! I think this may need to be done this summer, looking forward to hearing what you make of the Havianas!


  22. MJ

    Guess quality does count, although I can’t remember the last time I wore flip flops so I’m not one to judge! Let us know how you go with them…

  23. I have a pair of lilac ones with a lilac Gerbera on them which I bought for £5 in a shop in Dalston 11 years ago. I don’t wear them all the time but they are so comfy and still going strong. The rest are all ones I bought in Bali which cost around £3-4. Never paid more than £10 a pair, but if they were proved to be comfy and durable, I might consider spending a bit more.

  24. Because of the way i walk me & flip flops don’t go well together, which really sucks.. i usually have to opt for gladiator sandals if im actually going to go out wearing them, otherwise i just buy a cheapypair to get from my hotel room to the beach… i suck haha! xx

  25. I am the biggest flip-flop snob and I approve the havianas. They are not my favorite and I think you opay more for the trend but they are durable.
    My favorite sandals are Sanuk sandals (and then I could go on and on…)

  26. I’m going to have to invest in a pair of good sandals- I was gutted when my New Look ones broke last summer… Twas soul crushing- well, almost

  27. I live in birkenstocks in the summer! there are some pretty stlyes and they’re really comfy! they mold to your feet so the more you wear them the better they get! last year I got some fitflops which i found really comfy too!

  28. i need a pair of flipflops but they seem cute, but they kinda irratbel inbetween the big toe and other ones XD

  29. Oh well..being a portuguese, that’s one of the most popular choices here during the summer. They are almost everywhere. I particularly like the new Gisele Bundchen Havaianas collection. They are truly gorgeous, like sandals.
    Depending on the ocasion, Havaianas can be a great choice with a dress or jeans 🙂

  30. I LOVE the look of Havianas i have 3 pairs! yet i never wear mine i find i will always alwayssss get blisters from where the rubber crosses the top of my feet 🙁 yet my 3 best friends swear by them i obviously just have wierd old feet but i hope you love yours as much as i Love my Gladiators! 🙂 xxx

  31. err… I dislike flip flops. They’re really uncomfortable on my wonky feet. Trust me, give me wedges anyday! (or, if I need total comfort, birkenstocks….!!!)


  32. amy

    Flip flops are the epitome of uncomfortable.. for me.. I have wide feet. I wish I could just walk barefoot everywhere without slipping on glass or breaking my feet.

    Love your blog x

    amy !

  33. I only wear them when necessary, they don’t stay on! I think you are more likely to get what you pay for.

  34. I have two pairs of leather flip flops that I purchased from America about 10 years ago and both are still going strong! I do ahve cheap plastic ones but they never last long in my opinion.

    X x

  35. Havaianas are amazing! I’ve had a pair of silver ones for almost 3 years now! Rainbows are pretty comfortable and last forever, too (US Surfer thing…not sure where/if you can get them in the EU, but then I’ve never tried)

  36. I have to admit to never having worn a pair of flip flops before!To me they look quite unsupportive, but anyway..the gold pair look nice, I can imagine the tone would flatter the skin more than black and they would look quite stylish with both denims and dresses

    Thankyou for visiting my blog! A

  37. Havianas are most definitely worth the investment! I’ve had mine for a year and they’re much better than any other flip flops I’ve had – the soles are really cushioned so you can walk for ages in them and the straps don’t rub like some cheaper brands. Even when I sunburnt my feet, I still found them comfortable!

  38. Not a snob here. Have primark ones but just for the shower at the gym and when I stayed at a campsite last year. Usually get mine from Accessorize for £8-£10 and they last well. x

  39. You definitely didn’t waste your money. Pretty much every Australian wears Havianas. WE call them thongs here though, flip flops sounds so daggy hehehe. I have the exact pink pair you do and I have good old classic black pair. Trust me, you haven’t wasted your money!

  40. My aunt lives in Brazil, so the one present she can bring back for me and my sisters, that’s affordable for her is Havainas – by the barrell load! I swear I must have had at least 10 pairs in my life time – I’ve had to get rid of the ones I never wore. The pairs I wear religiously in the summer, I’ve had for a good five years, and they are still lasting me well. Havaianas are DEFINITELY wort the investment, and I will happily g trotting down to my nearest stockists the day my last paid die.

    Steph xxx

  41. OH flip flops – I have SO many pairs, it is a bit ridiculous. Love them all!

  42. Glad you asked this question as I was wondering the same thing. I wear flip flops a lot in the summer and have loads of pairs from £2 upwards. Having read this I may give Havianas a try x