All a Blur

Far be it from me to actually complain about the gorgeous weather we are currently having, it is, after all, a long time coming. However it does make life a little confusing. Suddenly reverting back to short sleeves, the hotpants brigade back walking around town, the fact it is warmer now at the end of September than it was all summer.

I seriously refuse to believe we are this far through the year. Complete denial (except for the fact I might have already sorted a couple of Christmas presents).

Life really is a big, confusing blur right now. Which takes me back to my title. And my photos (Tesco dress, New Look tights, Yull shoes)

Happy Mid-Week!


32 comments for “All a Blur

  1. Your dress looks lovely.
    NRC ♥

  2. Such a pretty dress and your legs look even longer than they normally do, you lucky duck.

  3. Tell me about it, the weather is absolutely gorgeous atm! I guess it keeps us happy, after all we are British, what else would we talk about in queues?
    Love your shoes, I think I’ve said that before but they’re gorgeous!


  4. although i am one of those people who doesn’t want to hear about christmas until mid=way thru december, i have to admit, i have already got a couple of my gifts sat waiting in the cupboard as well!

  5. I know!!!how confusing is this weather!!!

    you look beautiful, love that colour on you and the shoes are classy!
    I am also in LOVE with the dress in the post below!

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog <3
    Claire xox

  6. I agree, the changing weather is confusing !

  7. This weather is mad, hope it stays warm though! Lovely outfit, that dress looks perfect for a sunny day and I like the look of your shoes! x

  8. I was so annoyed this morning when I got ready! I had a lovely cosy outfit planned out in my head and it’s boiling hot outside! grrr!

    I am so jealous of your legs missy!


  9. I like the print on your dress! You’re so lucky to be having a nice weather spell:)My fingers are crossed that the same happens her;) xx

  10. You seriously have some ace dresses Laura! Always looking pretty xx

  11. I can’t believe it’s the end of September either, where is the time going!?

  12. Weather-cofusion – yes indeed! To wear or not to wear tights? Unpack the summery things again just as I was pulling out woolly jumpers and scarves. Lovely print on your dress here.

  13. Anonymous

    Your outfits for the past few days have been exceptionally spot on!

  14. "Anonymous 15:50" Adds

    “The past few days” begins specifically with your September 22 post. And the fashion fun outfit that you posted on the 26th but wore on the 25th?….may be one of my favorite of yours.

  15. That’s a gorgeous blue floral Tesco dress. Time goes by in a blur for me too. Nice weather – hope winter holds off for a while.

  16. I am so confused about the weather right now, I was ready to start getting out my big jumpers and scarves :/ it is still chilly when I’m walking to work though.

    Love the dress though, I had a look around a tescos recently and was quite impressed, they have some lovely things.

  17. You’re so right! I went in a right huff this morning, not really because of the weather per-se, but because of the fact that I’m so not in the summer mood anymore! I’m always more productive in the winter, and this has gone and screwed it all up for me. THANKS WEATHER.
    And breathe.
    You look lovely hun – those shoes are killah x

  18. In love with your dress, its totally too cute!

  19. It is so confusing I know. You don’t know how to dress! But like you, I am not complaining.

    Very pretty dress by the way.

    X x

  20. Ahh I can’t believe it’s nearly the end of September as well, it’s absolutely crazy!

  21. Every now and then Tesco come out with some real gems, and this dress is one of them! Lovely 🙂

    Sarah x

  22. I am hating this weather too! When I leave the house it is really chilly & autumnal with dew all over my car and then by the time I leave work at 5 it is warm and my tights are making me sweat. Grrr!

  23. That dress is lovely!

    I am still resolutely in black tights and autumn cardigans because dammit it’s autumn and I’m going to act like it! I know the second I get my summer stuff out again it’ll get cold again anyway!

  24. I just don’t know where this year has gone, it seems to have flown by. However i really enjoyed the sunshine today, better late then never i guess! x

  25. Tell me about it!? Christmas stock out and it’s this warm … doesn’t feel right!

  26. Yes, everything is so confusing these days… here is almost again summer, and I only want autumn to come, whith its rains and orange leafs and winter aproaching…

    I guess we must keep searching our paths 🙂

    Lovely as always, by the way! So charming :)!

  27. We had a slightly odd conversation in work today about how September (even though we all full well know it only has 30 days) seems incredibly short this year. Where’s the rest of it?

  28. cant wait to start wearing nylons again

  29. J.

    That dress is so adorable!!

  30. Gorgeous dress! 🙂 xx