All That Glitters

Maybe it’s the un-deniable fact that the festive season is fast approaching, or perhaps it’s my inner five year old escaping, but lately I’ve been obsessed with all things glittery…

Top, £12.99 Missguided

Shoes, £50 Asos

Nail Polish, £16 House of Fraser

Boots (of dreams), fartooexpensive Stanwells

Brooch, £33 Urban Outfitters

What are you obsessed with right now?

Glitter…yay or nay? I simply must own some sparkly shoes!


27 comments for “All That Glitters

  1. Leopard print 🙂

  2. I have always been obsessed with sparkly things, infact my family say I must have been a magpie in a former life! Its a curse I have inherited from my mother. (aka sparkly nanny to my kids!)

    X x

  3. I’d love to have sparkly shoes! When I was little my dad came home from a trip to the US and brought me the most amazing gold glitter shoes I’d ever seen. They were a tad bit too small though, I don’t think I’ve ever cried as much. Still a bit sad that I never got to wear them;)

    Also, I’m pretty obsessed about glitter nail polish top coats, but they’re so hard to take off again.

  4. S_S

    Never been a fan of glitter… until NOW!

    Lady, I want every god damn thing!!!

    Lush post!


  5. I like glitter and I need to bring it into my life more. It’s something that can make you happy in such a simple way !

  6. I have been lusting over glitter shoes for quite a few weeks now. I need some in my life! I deally high heels!

  7. Eva

    Lovely choices! I’m obsessed with patterned tights at the moment, just to jazz up warmer layers for the Winter. And I’d love something like a glittery nail varnish, I think sparkles set any outfit off! Those boots are just asdfgh, ah my heart would probably break at reading their price tag X

  8. Definitely a yay for glitter! I really want some sparkly shoes and nail varnish! x

  9. I have literally been picking up everything I see that glitters in all the shops! I haven’t committed to buying anything yet though – I’m always worried that it will be scratchy and itchy 🙁
    Glitter shoes are probably the way forward in that case!

  10. L

    Glittery boots are definitely a yay!
    L x

  11. i love sparkle (more sequin orientated than glitter)

    but i dont have anywhere to wear it to!

  12. Love the brooch, but £33! Wow!

  13. glitter = definite yay!

    all year round, not just the holiday season : )

    i want glitter polish, eyeshadow, and sexy platform pumps. i’ve also seen a hott glitter miniskirt, but i doubt i’d actually rock it. i mean, it’s gonna be cold soon…lol.

  14. Oh yea gotta love glitter!! I love that cat brooch – wouldn’t pay that for it tho… 🙂

  15. And this is why I know we are matched on a deep spiritual level, I love me some glitter!

    Maria xxx

  16. Jo

    I love glitter, not to the same extent as when I was 13, a bit more restrained these days. Unfortunately I had to throw out my glittery pink pumps this year as they were wrecked. Time for a new pair!

  17. Love those shoes and the brooch xx

  18. Aw me too – I can’t wait until the festive season starts, I always want to wear glittery things! x

  19. Love the top and the nail polish 🙂
    We usually remove it with pure acetone and works perfectly !

    Love from London Wishes

    Caith and Eva

  20. I’d love a pair of glitter boots – just the thing to brighten up dark, gloomy mornings. xx

  21. I love a little glitter but theses days I love it NOT all over my dining room (kids art!!!!!) 😉

  22. The nail polish is gorgeous, but waaay too expensive! x

  23. I love everything glitter related! Especially loving the brooch you posted here! xx

  24. I love that brooch – totally adorable – bring on the gitter!