End of an Era

Today we had to make the tough decision to have Flash put to sleep.

We had known it was coming for some time now, that the time he had left with us was borrowed. But it still hurts. A lot.

I’m going to take a few days away from the blog. It might seem silly to anyone who has never owned a pet but Flash was so much more than “just a cat”.
R.I.P. Flash

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  1. :'( Big big hugs to you, of course he was more than a cat, they become another family member (and more loved than some human family members I find!!). Take as long as you need. xxx

  2. Awh, I’m so sorry to hear this, Flash was an awesome contributer to this blog! I had to have my 19year old tabby put down a few years ago, and the pain is still there. I hope you’re okay xx

  3. *hugs* I remember when we had to have our cat put to sleep 5 months ago. she was my best friend and was heartbroken. still am.

    thoughts with u!


  4. Jo

    Massive hugs to you. I totally understand. Give yourself time to grieve.

    Hugs for you.

    Jo xx

  5. Sending you massive hugs and my thoughts xxx

  6. Vix

    It’s always a hard decision but rest assured you did the right thing and Flash had the best life. Love to you. xxx

  7. babes sending you big hugs! I know how hard it is to put a cat down. We had our last one put down 2 years ago, and even to this day i still miss him. They become so much of the family.
    So sorry for your loss.xx

  8. i’m sorry to read about your kitty, I remember how hard it is. sending lots of hugs your way x

  9. Sorry darling, that is really sucky xx

  10. Jo

    I’m so sorry to hear about Flash, it’s never easy losing a pet. They always become so much more than pets.

  11. I’m so sorry – been reading your blog for a while & know how much he meant to you, hope you will be ok hun, x

  12. its always a sad time when you lose a pet

  13. I remember when we had to put our first dog to sleep. It was in 2004 and it still hurts, I miss the little cutie even though we have a new dog.
    I can relate to what you feel right now and I’m so sorry you had to make that decision.
    May he rest in Peace, I’m sure he had a really good life with you and you’re family.

  14. oh you poor thing, we get so attached to our pets they are real companions.
    Loads of hugs

  15. awww just reading this made me cry. I really feel for you as I know how awful it is when a pet dies its like one of the family.

    RIP Flash (such a beautiful cat)

    Take care

  16. Oh Laura πŸ™ Im so sorry hun. Sending u huge hugs. Thinking of u xxx

  17. Aw no! I feel your pain! This is so so sad. I know, you can always get another cat later on and you can love him/her a lot too, but you just can’t ever replace a pet. They truly are unique! And I will never forget Flash either:)

    Take all the time you need, you know we’ll all be here when you get back!

  18. *hugs* I know how hard it is to make that decision please take care of yourself and don’t dwell on the loss but how much happiness Flash gave to you xoxo

  19. god, im so sorry to hear this πŸ™ im literally tearing up! i love the pictures you post of him!
    i know exactly what it’s like to lose a pet (specifically cats, i’m a huge cat person) and i totally understand why you want to take a break right now
    i hope you feel better soon, thinking of you xxx

  20. Aww, I’m sorry to hear the sad news. He looked like he had such a big personality in your photos.


  21. RIP Flash, my thoughts are with you πŸ™ I still get upset thinking about when we had to put my cat to sleep even though it was 7 years ago x

  22. Sending you all the love I have. I know from experience how much that hurts – it is such a difficult and sad decision to make, but ultimately it is the right one. Thinking of you xxxx

  23. So sorry to hear this Laura πŸ™ xxx

  24. I’m so sorry hun, sending big virtual hugs your way πŸ™ Flash was such a cutie!

    I know how sad your feeling right now, my parents bought my cat Sadie just before I was born and she had to be put to sleep when I was 19.

    Thinking of you xxx

  25. I’m very sorry to hear this Laura πŸ™ it is losing a part of the family and so upsetting. I’ve been heartbroken every time I’ve lost a pet and will every time. Take time for yourself lady xx

  26. I don’t get people who say ‘it’s just a pet’. Pets are part of the family. End of argument.

    That said – I understand you so very well and I’m sorry to hear the news.

    Sending cyber hugs your way & take all the time away you need!

  27. I can really empathise with you. Such a sad time πŸ™

  28. angela

    I’m so sorry Laura.

    It doesn’t seem silly at all. We could tell Flash was very loved and his personality shone through from your blog. RIP Flash.

    Take care of you too. xxx

  29. Oh poor you! It’s so hard when you have to make that decision isn’t it. Your head tells you it’s for the best as they are suffering but your heart screams “NO!” I still miss my last cat that we had. Take care. x

  30. Awh, Im sorry dear. I hope your ok xx

  31. I know exactly what you’re going through. I’m so sad for you!


  32. D.

    Oh, dear. I am so sorry.

  33. O bless, I’m sorry! I remember when we had to have my cat put down, it was so hard. It’s difficult, they really do become so much more that a cat.

    Hope you feel better soon

  34. I am so sorry and completely understand. :'(
    sending joy and love your way!

  35. Jay

    Big big big big hug!!!
    Pets are never just pets, theyre like our babies and have such characters!! It’s Tough but focus on the great memories and what a wonderful life you’ve given Flash x x x x x x x xx x

  36. I am so, so sorry for your loss… It is not silly at all! I’ll admit, I teared up a little while reading your post… I’m a cat owner as well, and just thinking about losing any of my babies makes my heart hurt.

    My thoughts are with you and your family. <3

  37. Oh my dear… I’m so sorry about your beloved Flash. He was a good kitty and loved you very much! Take all the time you need to grieve for him. My heart is with you, girly. xox.

  38. I am so sorry for you and your beloved Flash. I know it hurts more than anything to lose a pet that was like your best friend. I’m thinking of you hunny xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  39. I am so so sorry :'( Sending my thoughts and prayers to you and your family <3



  40. I’m terribly saddened to learn of your loss. I remember you once referred to Flash in one of your posts as your “stalker” cat due to his very affectionate nature and his comforting sharing friendship – an adorable one. I’m afraid I hadn’t realised how old and infirmed he was getting – though you had mentioned it as recently as a post on May 26th. Flash looked healthy and happy in the the cute photo of him lying on the bed. I remember seeing the photo of Flash crouched in your lap back in Sept of 2010 as you were finalising plans to come home from your long ordeal in the hospital. and the night before Christmas Eve with Flash all curled up and sneaking into other of your fashionista and cooking photos as well. Flash will be missed by us, your followers – he was adorable. If you do get another cat I hope it will have the same loving disposition. – R.I.P., Flash. ;-(

  41. Oh Laura I am so sorry. I can fully understand how you feel and my heart breaks for you. He always appeared to be such an affectionate cat, continually sneaking into your photos and in doing so into our hearts to.

    Sending you big hugs.

    RIP Flash.

    X x

  42. Losing a pet is horrible πŸ™ Cherish the memories and wonderful photographs that you have of him, he was a brilliant character <3

  43. Oh no πŸ™ I’m so sorry to hear this.
    My thoughts are with you. I hope you’re doing okay.

  44. Oh, poor Flash. I like to pretend that my puppy is immortal because I don’t want to confront the fact that some day she’ll be gone. Love to you and your fam. x

  45. So sorry Laura. I dread the day it will be time to put my own pets to sleep, and I truly understand how you must feel. Every time I’ve lost a pet I’ve tried to think about the good life they had though, that always makes me feel stronger. They had a life worth living and went away peacefully. Sending love your way.

  46. oh Laura, I’m so so sorry to here that πŸ™ take all the time you need. sending you virtual hugs x

  47. I’m so sorry! My love and thoughts are with you!

    My cat, Hilda, was 26 when she was put to sleep and I’d been expecting it for a long time. Doesn’t mean it hurt any less, I still cry when I think of her πŸ™ She sleeps under a stone cat in my mums garden now, nice to know I can still talk to my little girl.

    Katie xoxo

  48. Lots of love to you Laura, it’s the hardest thing to do, I know. They really are part of the family and certainly not ‘just a cat’ – a friend had the cheek to say as much to me when my 17 year old cat died a while back, until I pointed out he was older than her sister and wouldn’t she miss her if she were no longer around? Take all the time you need sweetpea. I know I’m not the only one of your readers who’ll miss Flash lots xxx

  49. Lara! So glad to have found you! Remember me from lj?

    Im so sorry about your cat. My dog is my life, so i couldnt even imagine!

    I finally decided to start a blog but its in the very begining rough stages but im trying! Could you maybe check it out and send some readers my way? blueeyedbarbie.blogspot.com

  50. Anonymous

    I feel your pain – RIP Flash πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ xx

  51. Massive love and hugs to you. They’re always certainly more than pets, and there isn’t a way to describe the loss.
    I hope you are okay, all my love xx

  52. Iris

    I am so sorry about your loss Laura, to me losing a pet is the same as losing a person, with the difference that pets only ever bring you joy, happiness and they make a home feel more like a home..
    It is clear from your blog/tweets that Flash was very loved by you and your family and had a full and happy life; I hope knowing this will bring you some comfort πŸ™‚


  53. aw laura im so so sorry! i totally understand what you mean a pet is never just a pet they become a member of the family. hope you’re all right hun. xo

  54. It doesn’t seem silly at all – but then I’ve had cats most of my life! Our Siamese slept in my bed, every night (when I moved out, I came home and slept in my old bed for the odd night and every time she was back there as if I’d never left) and when she died, I was devastated. They’re part of the family. I feel terrible for you, Laura, it’s a horrible thing to go through. xx

  55. I was so sad to hear your news on Twitter – I have 3 cats and I know exactly how much they can mean to you. I would be devastated if one of them had to leave me…. Lots of love xxxx

  56. I am so sorry lovely, never think it’s silly to feel that way about a pet, they were part of your family – I completely understand how he was more than just a cat. Big hugs xxx

  57. Anonymous

    I feel sorry for you!!!! Hug you!

  58. I’m so sorry, this is truly sad.

  59. Oh I’m so sorry Laura, I loved Flash’s appearances on here, such a cutie. Hope you’re ok and thinking of the good memories xxxxx

  60. Bex

    Sorry to hear your sad news hun…you know where I am if you need to talk <3 xo

  61. Flash is beautiful. Big snuggly hugs. Sorry to hear about the news x x x x x x x

  62. I’m so sorry to hear this Laura x

  63. I am so so sorry for you – it’s a cliche but a pet is a member of the family, and it’s only right that you should mourn them as such. Hope you are ok xx

  64. I am so sad to read this. I know Flash meant so much to you and he was such a beautiful cat.
    You were very lucky to have him for such a long time. I am more than sure you will always have fond memories of him. Lots of love, I know it’s hard xxx

  65. So sorry for you Laura, I know that it hurts like hell.
    I hope that you and your family are all okay

  66. I’m so sorry to hear about Flash πŸ™ He seemed like a truly wonderful cat, and of course it’s not silly. I’ve never owned a pet but I completely understand.

    Big big hugs

    Bhav xx

  67. Jo

    I’m so, so sorry to hear this Laura, I know how much Flash meant to you and they’re not just pets, they become part of the family and I really feel for you and your family.

    I loved seeing Flash on here and I’m sure that others feel the same – he’ll be much missed.

    RIP beautiful Flash xx

    Take care xxx

  68. Sending all my love xx

  69. I’m sending you and your family love right now. I always love seeing Flash and I just want to thank you for sharing him with us. xx

  70. I’m so sorry to hear about your cat. I haven’t had pets since I was a little girl, but I remember when my ex-boyfriend’s cat died a few years ago we were all devastated. I cried my eyes out! I hope you feel better soon xx

  71. Oh honey, no ~ so sorry to hear about Flash, it’s an awful shame he was a beauty!
    Heartfelt hugs
    Kandi x

  72. I’m so sorry for your loss. He seems like an amazing cat and I’m sure is running round in cat heaven happy and his healthy self.

  73. Aw, I’m sorry πŸ™
    I had a pet die recently and I know it hurts a lot πŸ™

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  74. Aw, I’m sorry πŸ™
    I had a pet die recently and I know it hurts a lot πŸ™

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  75. Aw, I’m sorry πŸ™
    I had a pet die recently and I know it hurts a lot πŸ™

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  76. Aw, I’m sorry πŸ™
    I had a pet die recently and I know it hurts a lot πŸ™

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  77. I’m sorry to read this…Lots of love xxxx

  78. I’m so sorry. Thinking of you xx

  79. J.

    So sorry to hear that. I think everyone who has even gone through this knows exactly what you mean by him being more than just a cat though, so don’t feel weird about that bit at all!

    RIP Flash!

  80. So sorry to read this, lovely. Sending hugs your way <3

  81. Poor little Flash, but at least he had many long and happy years by your side! I know exactly how you feel β™₯

    Take care of yourself!


  82. Kim

    Oh no, what sad news πŸ™ Thoughts are with you xx

  83. I am so sorry to hear this πŸ™

    Sending hugs your way!

  84. I’m so sorry about Flash. I know I’m late, but I’ve been checking in on your blog and somehow missed this.
    Take some time to miss him and bawl your eyes out. You’re right, people who have never lost a pet don’t understand, but the important ones will. I lost my cat in July and it’s been horrible. I really feel for you xxxx

  85. Anonymous

    hey laura, i havent read your blog in a while, now i just saw this post. i want you to know that i can relate to how you and your family must feel, weΒ΄ve had a cat that had been a member of our family for a very long time, but well they dont live forever. but youΒ΄ll always remember the beautiful times with him and you know that you did the right thing so he wouldnt have to suffer.

    i am happy there are ppl out there who love cats just as much as i do.

    <3 cats <3

    take care. love, sophie