almost there

So close to the weekend now, who’s excited?
What are your plans for Halloween? I’m working for 3 hours in the morning, then off to a friend’s house in the evening for a catch up/girly sleepover. Not very spooky, but some much needed time spent with good friends.

Thank you to everyone who has wished me well this week and left lovely comments. I really and truly appreciate it, and wanted you to know you’ve helped, and this week *did* get better.

This is what I wore yesterday for a dentist appointment and coffee with Mum
I was never much a fan of denim shorts with tights, but I’m now a convert



And today I put together two “difficult” pieces from my wardrobe; things I never normally think to wear because there are some what awkward to pair up with other items.



Well that’s that.
I have a lipbalm review coming up soon, and hopefully some photos from tomorrow night.

Ooh, UK readers, who else managed to nab a Giles Deacon scarf via the Caramel Bunny?


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  1. Anonymous

    2nd outfit iz ew

  2. It’s good to hear that your week got better 🙂 Yay for it almost being the weekend!
    I don’t have an plans for Halloween really, but I’m still excited 😉
    Cute outfits. I especially love the first one. Those denim shots do look really cute with tights 🙂

  3. thank you for your comment, honey 🙂
    love both outfits…the second skirt is lovely! and i’m really quite upset that I didn’t even hear about this giles deacon scarf thingy…I wanted one!! haha.
    have a wonderful halloween 🙂 xx

  4. love the tights with the shorts, initially the idea of pairing the two doesn’t appeal to me, but then i see lovely ladies like yourself putting it together

  5. i love the first outfit, simple and stylish. : ) have a wonderful weekend. xo

  6. love that first look xx

  7. I used to dislike denim shorts with tights too, but I think I’ve changed my mind:)

    Happy Halloween to you!

  8. I love the first look, you really work the second one too. Pretty much doing thesame for Halloween, except trick or treating added (who cares if I’m too old lol). Have a great weekend 🙂


  9. Love the denim shorts with tights, great quirky style. Have halloween fun!

  10. I got one after much stress, swearing at the computer and tense finger crossing!! Love both the outfits. love the blazer with shorts look, casual chic! and well sone for pairing the two awkward pieces they really work together!

  11. Glad things have gotten better. You look really great. I love the tights w/shorts…glad you’re a convert!

  12. Now im sick lol… can blogs spread things lol… jk glad your feeling better

    i love the blazer and the black top in the second outfit

    Vi from Cali

  13. I am glad to hear you’re feeling better. Have fun at your sleepover party!

  14. i love the first outfit!

    ps. thanks for the sweet comment!

  15. Thank you for you lovely comment regarding my dress and i’m glad to hear your weeks got better!

    Have a fabulous Halloween!

  16. so happy to hear your week got better my love! and wooop for the weekend 🙂
    love both these looks! where is the jacket from in the first one? iv been looking for one like that for a while.

    keep smiling gorgeous girl
    xo hannah

  17. nice to hear that you feel better now sis! 🙂 great outfits!

    click here to visit me at Mode Junkie!

  18. i love the second outfit, quite oriental-looking!

  19. I really love the second outfit , the skirt is delightful ! The first outfit is lovely too, something you can wear everyday and just change a little !

  20. Obviously, I am lovin the striped shirt and your blazer 🙂

  21. I love the second outfit so much. I’m going out tomorrow for Halloween, can’t wait! x

  22. LOVE shorts + tights. You wear it well.

  23. I adore that colorful skirt in the second photo and the lovely shirt you paired it with. Have a great weekend!

  24. Those outfits are so darn awesome. I like how you paired the polka dots and the floral. It usually ends up like some pattern overload, but it’s so good on you! Simplicity is best.

  25. Loove it, I don’t adore the jean shorts myself during winter, I prefer different fabrics but I like using them till the summer comes again! 🙂
    And the combination with the jacket is great!

  26. honey the blazer is perfect on you !!!!
    so sad that at greece we don’t celebrate halloween 🙁 very excited that the weekend is here!!!!

  27. You pull off both these looks perfectly! I especially love the 2nd one, because I adore flowy feminine pieces.

    have fun at the sleepover!

  28. Kb

    yay, tights go with everything! i managed to get a giles scarf, bloody nightmare it was, got kicked out the queue twice and comp crashed. glad you’re feeling better,

  29. Love how your blazer looks with shorts.
    Great two outfits.

  30. Love the first outfit and I agree about denim shorts and tights. Great for when the weather gets chilly

  31. I love both outfits! I am the same, until last winter I hated the denim shorts and tights look, but now I’m a convert. lets me wear more of my wardrobe when it’s cold! blazer looks great 🙂 xx

  32. hope you feel better honey!
    darling like the blazer with shorts look

  33. I love the first outfit 🙂

  34. The first look is great, love the blazer!

  35. The first look is great, love the blazer!

  36. The first look is great, love the blazer!

  37. The first look is great, love the blazer!

  38. The first look is great, love the blazer!

  39. oh i just love the polka dot print. Just lovely. And you look so slim. You can totally wear anything. And you look so tall. I envy tall girls. hihihhii.

    have a great HAlloween!

    I Am Denise Katipunera

  40. Meg

    I love both your outfits, especially the first one! I think a friend or two is coming over and we will hand out candy and watch scary movies.

  41. I’m glad you feel better:)I love your first look! Sweetie your so tiny!!!! how do you do it???

  42. MJ

    I love the T-shirt with the first outfit – where’s it from?

  43. Glad to hear you’re feeling better! Lovely oufits, esp. the denim shorts. Have fun tonight!

  44. i’ve always wanted to attempt the shorts/tights look, but i’m always intimidated haha :p i think it gives a really awesome vibe to an outfit

  45. Ignore the lame hate commenter at the top, they are obviously unable to articulate themselves, and justify their comments, so their not worth listening to.
    I have also rediscover shorts and tights, by rip rip ripping and addding all these tee shirts/alpen layers together! I’ts so cool when you see things differently.
    Love the drape of the black sation top too, it reminds me of this really cool top this contestant made on Project Runway!
    Have a lovely Halloween,

  46. Very cute looks…. Have lots of fun with the girlies 🙂

    Happy Halloween!

  47. totally in love with that second outfit girlie!! you have a great sense of fashion.

  48. Hey, sorry for the late reply! Yeah she’s looking miles better. I hope she doesn’t mess it all up again, she needs to take care of herself. love your dotty top! I need to get a handle on my style…:/Or lack thereof! xxx

  49. Hi! I just found your blog and its beautiful! I lov your outfits and today i esspecially love the shorts and tights…so awesome!

  50. You look like an off-duty model. Denim over black tights, you could channel a lily donaldson!

  51. love the blazer! i dont know why i find it humorous that you wore that to a dentist appointment. its not even funny, i dont know why its funny, im sorry, im really strange sometimes. please dont think im weird
    hope you have fun and all

  52. Aw, a sleepover sounds so fun! I haven’t had one in so long! Oh, wait, well actually I’ve been traveling and staying in hostels, for the last two months, which means dorm rooms, with lots of other people, so maybe kind of like a sleepover? Just not very girly, cause I’ve mainly had male roommates. 😛

    Anyway, love jean shorts! I used to hate jeans completely (I was a weird kid, haha), but now I love jeans and jean cut-offs too!

    Hope you are well, dear! <3


  53. Love the boyfriend blazer. It just perfects the outfit.

    So lovely 🙂

  54. I love how you styled those shorts. I’m not typically a fan of denim shorts but you made them look adorable!

  55. Love the blazer in the first outfit, and the top in second:)

  56. Anonymous

    i think that you, simply, are a fan of tights…i can’t stop admiring your tights…

  57. I adore your shorts look! I’d 100% wear that.

  58. Adore that first outfit, I love your breton top, they seem to be all over the highstreet at the moment, but yours is the best I’ve seen!

    I managed to win a Giles Deacon scarf from the Caramel Bunny! I can’t wait for it to arrive, although after I’d spent several hours staring at my computer trying to get to the front of the queue I did sit back and think ‘all this for a scarf that will be on sale in John Lewis for £15?!’ Oh well, I’m super excited for it to arrive!

  59. Hiya hun, i’ve tagged you on my blog.

    Can’t seem to follow your blog for some reason, so i’m missing all your post updates.

    Sadie x

  60. I have such a hard time finding blazers; but I absolutely love the one you’re wearing here. I want! 🙂

  61. I ve become a lover for shorts and tights myself!and in fact i really like the result!I like a lot the outcome of pairing two unexpected items together in the last pictures!

  62. Anonymous

    You look really good in those jackets like in the first pic! I think I look manly in :-P-Feather

  63. Your so cute and have nice fashion blog, have a great day!