An Apple a Day

Monsoon Fusion apple print dress (from 2 years ago), Tesco tights, Poetic License shoes. An outfit made up of old favourites, both the dress and shoes were major sales bargains and despite the weather not reflecting the spring time, I felt like bringing about some of those summery memories.

Mae is utterly exhausted after a long weekend/week exploring the garden, she slept for pretty much all of yesterday (she snores). There is something so calming about a sleeping cat.

Anyone else finding this week feels exceptionally long despite the bank holiday? It feels like it should be Friday at least! Time is doing funny and cruel things at the moment. Ah well, a morning of blood taking awaits me, then one more day and it IS the weekend.


23 comments for “An Apple a Day

  1. You look pretty as always. That is just too cute of a dress.

  2. that dress is so delightful, i do just adore it! I’m hankering after the weekend too, it’s going too slowly I agree x

  3. I need that dress. It’s so pretty.

    My weekend starts today but it still feels like it taken too long to arrive.


  4. Such a pretty dress. I love Monsoon!

  5. Gorgeous dress- nice and fresh πŸ™‚ Could do with some of that right now! x

  6. Your dress is so pretty.
    This week has been dragging, I blame the miserable weather. x

  7. Love the print on that dress xx

  8. I love your dress, its so pretty. Mae is as cute as ever!!

  9. This Monsoon dress is so beautiful, I love their Fusion range, I picked up a fantastic dress from there a few months ago.

  10. Cats in general are so calming. When you pet them you just instantly feel better, I don’t know how they do it?! πŸ™‚

  11. I remember lusting after this dress when it was in the shops, it looks gorgeous on you!

  12. I’ve always loved that dress of yours xxx

  13. I love Monsoon’s Fusion line, they always have some great stuff in there. I’m currently coveting a jumper with bees on it : ) x

  14. Love that dress – one of my favourite colours – pale turquoise reminds me of oxidized (sp?) copper – and your hair is bright as a shiny penny, so they’re the perfect compliments! And love it with black tights and shoes.

    And Mae! I agree: a sleeping cat is so calming. I’m home nursing a wee baby cold – trying to nip it in the bud – and our cat is sleeping on my feet, on the duvet. Bliss.

    Hope you’re doing well, Laura. Thinking of you. xox

  15. Great outfit and your cat is so lovely πŸ™‚

    Karys x

  16. Vix

    That dress is one of my very favourites of yours, it’s perfect for adding Spring cheer to the crappy weather.
    If Mae ever fancies a change of scenery tell her she can live with me, please! x

  17. Kitties snoring is always so funny to hear! I love the colour of the dress – perfect for bringing in a little sunshine for drab spring days.

  18. You have such an amazing collection of dresses, how many do you think you have?
    Is it raining for you too today? I’m so over it!

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  19. i loved this dress the last time you blogged about it. The colour and the pattern is stunning.

    X x

  20. Love the print of the dress!

    Oh, it must be such a hard life being such a cute cat! xx

  21. I love that colour on you! It goes so well with your hair.

  22. that dress is gorgeous on you! and the print is adorable.