Hair Woes

In my dreams I have super silky, perfectly straight, vibrant red managable hair. That and a personal hairdresser. In reality I have wavy, thick (seriously…so much hair!) and somewhat wild hair that is in dire need of both a good cut and colour. Unlike my Mother, and most other people that I know I wasn’t blessed with a natural ability to take my locks and so I rely on heavy duty tools such as professional hair dryers and rather a lot of products just to make myself decent enough to leave the house!

Right now I am quite taken with this hair dryer; not just for the fabulous colour I promise! It’s also a fantastic price and gets good reviews.

I guess my purpose for this post really is a plea for HELP!

Feel free to hit me up with:

– links to styles that would suit thick/lots of it wavy hair
– colours, do I take a break from red?
– favourite products
– suggested tools to help tame the beast!

Are you good with hair? Or as hopelessly lost as I am?


10 comments for “Hair Woes

  1. I feel your pain! My hair is being an absolute biach at the moment! I like Naked’s serums for controlling my hair, but the weather isn’t helping x

  2. My hair was a nightmare. WAS, because after years of trying out stuff, I tamed the beast;)

    It’s all in the combination for me.
    I first use blue ice shampoo and then ginger, both from the Body Shop. Then I like to use the little conditioners that come with hair dye. Then I put in frizz-ease and when I brushed and blowdried it at the same time, I can put in Lush’ R&B and then some hair oil. Phew… That’s it;)

  3. My hair is a nut job! I tend to try and only shampoo the roots + condition the ends then blow dry immediately adding a bit of frizz ease.

    I like Soap + Glory shampoo + conditioner and ‘brilliant brunette’ frizease.

    Another tip is to use a tangle teaser and not a normal brush and to blow dry with a flat brush.

    I personally think Red is an amazing colour for hair and miss mine so I would stick with it 😉


  4. I’m in the same boat! Other people just seem to have amazing hair all of the time… I don’t understand!


  5. My hair is exactly the same- completely unruly!

    Keep us posted with any miracles 🙂

    Nat x

  6. Ugh I feel your pain, I’m growing my hair out right now and it’s at the WORST stage. I hate it!

  7. My hair is NOT how I picture it at all -I picture it sleek and with some very defined wave – a la Katherine Hepburn. It is infact wickedly curly, think and frizz beyond belief.

    have you checked out Hair Thursdays ( perhaps?) heaps of hair tips for every style hair!

  8. I am terrible at doing hair, it is so much trouble for me. It is just such a bad natural texture and too thin. That is why I ended up cutting it and now I straighten my hair every day. For you, I think you should dye your hair brown, maybe a darkish kind of brown.

  9. Hi, I also have frizzy and extremely thick hair which is tricky to manage. I would recommend x-tenso (chemical) straightening at the hairdressers – which can make it smooth & manageable for a few months.

    I use my GHD gold straighteners after washing and drying my hair and it holds very well for days at a time.

  10. Lisa

    My hair is a wild crazy shoulder length Afro that spends most of its time tied up in a bun bless it, but I just don’t have the time to tame it and only really bother for a night out. I think you should stick with the red hair, it really suits you and is fantastically vibrant!! 🙂