an interim post

This is just an interim post until my review later. Comments will be closed because, really there is nothing I want anyone to say, I just want to clarify something.

Since yesterday I’ve had many comments on my health. I’m sorry if my posting photos upsets or triggers anyone, please know that is NOT my intention. Things are very up and down right now and I am trying to cling on to some of my old life contants, and blogging is one of those. I really don’t want to have to change the way I blog after almost two years of doing so and I do hope you can all understand, or at least respect that.

In terms of getting help. Yes I am getting help; or at the least getting medical support and I’m on the waiting list for getting help. I know things need to change, and I will be working on that because, well, frankly, I hate where things are right now.

I hope this post makes sense and clears up any potential issues. I’m sorry I’ve had to post it, but then again, I’m not…you’ve all been so wonderfully kind and supportive (er, with a few exceptions) and I feel you obviously deserve to know what the current stay of play is, although I do not want it to, nor will I let it become the focus of my blogging.

I will be back later with my review.

Much love, and extended gratitude


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