another Strictly update

I’m excited! Between X-factor and Strictly my weekend TV is sorted till Christmas!

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8 comments for “another Strictly update

  1. Haha saddo :p
    I love Xfactor actually but i think i shall take your recommendation and have a peek at strictly too, see what i’m missing out on!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Damn, I can’t watch them!

  3. eeeeeee!!! I haven’t commented for sooo long darling!
    I really do apologize, but I’ve been following all of your posts 🙂


  4. Vik

    Im loving X factor at the min! so addicted all over again! I cant wait for dancing on ice!!
    much love! xx

  5. ahaha that’s funny – I actually have dreams about bloggers too!!

  6. oh tell me about it – no need to go out at the weekend any more lol xoxooxx

  7. I’m not a tv girl. Don’t even have one. Watch a few tv shows online and that’s it. x

  8. Haha I cant wait for it wait for it either!
    It will be a nice change havign Alesha as a panelist as well, not getting into X-Factor this year (not keen on the new format) so looking forward to seeing this!
    Beth xx