dreaming of

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Bebaroque stud detail tights from UO

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Carvela brown leather ankle boots (kurtgeiger.com)

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Fuse by Preen dress (very.co.uk)


42 comments for “dreaming of

  1. Kb

    I love those tights!!! Plus those shoes are cute; there’s too much stuff I want at the moment!

  2. ohhh those boots!! also- i tagged you xx

  3. That dress is lush. Hope you’re having a fab weekend x

  4. Love those shoes. they’re fabulous,
    good eye!

    -N + K

  5. lovely shoes.
    xx cody


  6. THOSE SHOES. i’ve been looking for shoes like that! they are fantastic.

  7. Amazing tights! I love UO!

  8. Sigh. I love those boots.. So perfect but Ive put myself under a shopping ban till.. I dont know. hehe.. But no shopping for me so I shall daydream about wearing these with you. hehe.


  9. Hey! You were right them caravan walls are thin, I actually froze over one very cold night.
    That dress is amazing don’t get me started on the shoes, good god!!he he (:

    prettyneons xXx

  10. Stud detail tights = love. I so need to buy a pair. Or ten! 🙂

  11. OMG the first tights. Way too stunning.

  12. Vik

    love these pieces!! very sexy librarian.. lol.. so much stuff i want for winter but cant afford..if onyl i had a few hundred pounds! put up my first giveaway post, check it out. 🙂
    much love xx vik.

  13. Those black tights are wonderful and i love,love,love those boots!

    nice recent outfit you have wore. they all suit you well and i envy your eyebrowns ! hahah

  14. Ohh i want those tights.. no no, I think i need them!

  15. the tights looks incredible, love that bronzy detail.


  16. those bebaroque tights are so fun honey!
    what a cute dress too

  17. those tights! love them xo

  18. MJ

    Oh, so many things to buy, so little money…


  19. I looooove the bebaroque tights on ASOS! I especially love those white ones with the black spots on one leg!

  20. oh whoops, UO, not ASOS!

  21. Bebaroque tights are definitely on my wishlist for fall. xx Hope you enjoy your week 🙂

  22. oh god a love that dress!
    have a lovely week, dear

  23. I want those tights too!

  24. those boots are blinding!! x

  25. <3 those tights you're dreaming of! x

  26. E

    Those tights are so incredible! Wonderful find!

  27. I like the tights — can’t imagine what I’d wear them with though. I’m not such a good tights wearer!

  28. Anonymous

    Oooo, tights!

  29. Love everything you posted, ESPECIALLY those tights. I’m currently scavengering (made up word) for perfect tights for fall and that would definitely qualify!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  30. I love the boots! I just got a pair of boots from Topshop and I’m not sure they are right. I hate buyers remorse! 🙁 They are gorgeous though…

  31. the boots are cool! xx

  32. Everything is really nice but i have to say…

  33. The Preen dress is exquisite. Is it satin, though? Satin makes me look fat!

  34. love the tights and the dress.

  35. Sam

    Those tights are really cute! Must find something like it

  36. Wow I love those tights!!

  37. Eri

    The Preen dress is fab, I love their collection, as their shop is in Portobello and I have been there many time, I can tell you everything is a dream.

    See you soon and hope you are enjoying your bank holiday weekend!

  38. Ahhhhhh! That Preen dress. SO gorgeous!

  39. i really like the tight. so unique.

  40. i love those tights!!!

    nice post


  41. Oh wow, those KG boots are divine!