Apricot x Ovacome

I’m a bit late in the game in sharing this but March is Ovarian Cancer awareness month and to support and raise awareness for the cause highstreet brand Apricot have designed two new products, of which all profit will be donated to the charity Ovacome to help them inform, support and advice women affected by the disease.
Catching Ovarian cancer early is vital for improved survival rates. Each year 7,000 women in the UK will be diagnosed. Symptoms can go undetected for many months as they can be mistaken for other conditions so advice on what to look out for and when to see a doctor is crucial in treating the disease. The more women who know about the warning signs, the more women’s live’s will be saved. Simple.
The Teal Circular Crochet Lace Dress costs £35 and is a lovely, classic cut piece set to flatter all. To go with the dress there is also a Canvas Tote Bag which costs £2 and is perfect for carrying around everyday essentials whilst showing your support for the charity.
The campaign is supported by actress Terri Dwyer who has modelled the dress and bag. Her mother sadly passed away from Ovarian Cancer so this is obviously a cause close to her heart.
Will you be showing your support by making a purchase? I’m going to add the tote bag to my basket right now- sadly I can stretch to the dress at this point in time.


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  1. What a lovely colour dress! It’s such an important cause, I’m really glad Apricot have got involved to help raise awareness.