Attention, class

Stationary addicts and students among us rejoice; the brilliant S/S collection from masters of unique jewellery Me and Zena has launched!
Aptly named “write on” the collection includes all of the above pieces (some available in alternative colours too)
Prices are pretty good, from £16 for the pencil ring up to £44 for the bangle.

Available online now, I order a detention for anyone who doesn’t check it out! Report back on your favourite piece,
or tell me how much you love Me and Zena in general; I own several pieces of their jewellery and might just have to add in that pencil ring.


26 comments for “Attention, class

  1. Haha these are great!

  2. THIS IS AMAZING! I’m a complete stationary/diary/journal junke. Off to have a better look now xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  3. Gorgeous jewellery. I love the pencil sharper ring, that is lovely & the pencil sharpener necklace.

    Hmmm . . . too many choices. Look at you taunting me with a myriad of beautiful things.

    Have a wonderful Saturday <3

  4. Ooooh I need that pencil ring – too cute! xx xx

  5. Mat

    ace, love the curly pencil. that would be a talking point

  6. I adore Me&Zena and own quite a few pieces, but somehow this collection doesn’t grab me

  7. I had this email and fell in love with it all. The sharpener ring is my fave x

  8. I love Me and Zena’s quirky designs! I think the pencil bangle would have to be my favourite 🙂 x

  9. O wow, these are amazing! xx

  10. cat

    God, that pencil ring is just too cool and my classes would definitely notice… so tempted! x x x

  11. That sharpener ring made me wince…. I know it’s not real but still. Ouch.

  12. My

    these are brilliant! love the pencil ring!

  13. Looks like Me and Zena have come up trumps again!

  14. I totally need a love heart pencil sharpener necklace!!!!

  15. These are so cute! The kids at school would think my stationery obsession had gone a bit too far if I turned up at work with a pencil sharpener ring! Love everything! xx

  16. Oh I love these (and my boyfriend would too!) – I just love quirky jewellery that seems to reuse objects from life!

  17. The heart-sharpener necklace is awesome!

  18. Oh I love them!! Perfect for my stationary fix! xx

  19. Haha those bendy pencils are so fun as jewellery!

  20. The pencil bangle is so cool!

  21. OMG! I love this stuff!! The heart shaped sharpener necklace is my fav!
    Emma xx 🙂

  22. J.

    I love these, so cute!!