And so, with mixed feelings we welcome back the more seasonal October weather. Part of me welcomes it, it feels more natural and less confusing…but oh man, I miss that sunshine and heat and bare arms.

Yesterday I wore top-to-top New Look, for a day doing nothing really. Nothing at all. Week’s off are funny. We all need down time and a day without plans, but dear lord it gets boring!


39 comments for “Autumnal

  1. Kat

    I completely adore your shoes. They are fantastically awesome.

  2. Very cute outfit. Like your coloured tights & the Peter Pan collar on the dress is

  3. Vix

    That dress looks wonderful with the pop of red. Where’s summer gone? It’s awful here! x

  4. The shoes are amazing! They look great with the tights. Great outfit 🙂 xx

  5. So so pretty!
    Those heels look really tough to walk on, but they are gorgeous:D

  6. Perfect outfit, you rock coloured tights like no other! Hah I get that bored thing too- I guess try and imagine yourself at work and then feel smug for being all cosy at home :p xx

  7. Love the colour of those tights and the shoes are lush 🙂

  8. aww, i think just one day without plans does sound great but i would probably feel like i wasted time. :/

    but anyway, i love your colored tights, and i really want something similar to your shoes! 🙂

    <3, Mimi
    Stages of Beauty Giveaway 🙂

  9. Those shoes are amazing! xxx

  10. Its so windy and it was pelting down with rain last night. Love the colour of those tights they really add to the outfit x

  11. S_S

    you look just purty…….

  12. I love that dress 🙂

  13. Phwoar… You know, just appreciating those shoes again. x

  14. love the hue of these tights..such an interesting colour 🙂 x

  15. The warm weather over the weekend has left me craving the sunshine! Love the colour of your tights. x

  16. Love this outfit, your tights are such a gorgeous colour! I know what you mean about autumn I’ll miss wearing little summer dresses with bare legs so much!
    Hope you’re enjoying your week off! x

  17. Those shoes are AMAZING!! I want!!

  18. Love your tights and shoes!

  19. I love this outfit – the tights really pop and the shoes are gorgeous!
    I find that I long for time off and then when its over feel like I have wasted it doing nothing. You just can’t win!

  20. oooh love that dress its so pretty x

  21. The shoes are so lovely, and it’s nice to see your trademark bright tights back for Autumn xxx

  22. Yay you have busted out your bright tights collection! Cant wait to see what new ones you’ve brought!

  23. the colour of your tights is perfect with this outfit !

  24. Gorgeous outfit. I bought some tights that colour but haven’t yet decided what to wear them with, they look fab with this dress! x

  25. Please can I have those shoes? Hehe, gorgeous! xx

  26. I definately welcome Autumn 🙂 I will no doubt be missing the summer in a couple of weeks though.

    The colour of your tights compliments your hair! 🙂 x

  27. Awesome colour stockings. I agree with unplanned days being great, sometimes just musing and pottering are just the thing that IS needed.

  28. Mat

    maybe you should fill your time learning a new skill?

  29. love the tights and shoes. I am really going to miss the heat 🙁

  30. Two things i really admire about your fashion sense Laura.. one your always so colourful with what you wear, mostly your tights. And two, in nearly every outfit your wearing heels! So gorgeous xx

  31. I really like this outfit, the colour of the tights is gorgeous!


  32. Beautiful, actually dreamy!

    Maria xxx

  33. Have you suddenly gone on a new shoe spree? I’m in love with all 3 of the pairs you’re wearing in your latest outfit posts!


  34. THE SHOES Laura. SHOES! Ahem. Looking fabulous queridita.

    We only got 2 days of this Indian Summer malarkey, so to be honest I’m not missing it and quite enjoying the excuse to get my big winter boots out and pull on my biggest fluffiest cardigan.

  35. Kim

    Lovely outfit 🙂 Beautiful tights! Haven’t seen that colour before xx

  36. I really like this outfit! It reminds me I need more coloured tights!

  37. This is an amazing outfit. I love how all the elements compliment each other.
    Super jealous of everyone who can wear coloured tights – with my legs, I really need to stick to plain, old black!

  38. Those shoes are AMAZE! Really love that last photo too.

  39. oh my goodness, i love this entire outfit!! the dress is just darling, and along with the tights makes it very fall 🙂