Irregular Choices

After posting these boots on my Sarenza A/W wishlist I couldn’t get them off my mind. When the time came for the latest ambassador bonus I tried so hard to fall for the lure of some more popular Jeffrey Campbells, or something a little more sensible, but in the end these won.

Irregular Choice seems to divide the fashion minds. Personally I used to think little of the brand, until Alex and Char got me looking closer. Now, I have a new appreciation for the brand. Some of the styles are too out there for me,
but others, like these capture my heart. This is my third pair of IC shoes (the first were an amazing gift from aforementioned gorgeous girls) and I can see myself collecting more.

What are your views on Irregular Choice shoes? Part of me feels like they have some kind of social unacceptableness about them (and yet glittery JC litas and crazy wedges are fine). But whatever. I love them and I shall wear them with pride! It’s love. Total love.

(I’m not usually one to care what other people think, there is just something about this shoe choice that’s making me feel strange despite loving them to death).


33 comments for “Irregular Choices

  1. Ooohh those are cute! I have to admit I’m not much of an Irregular Choice type person either – some of the less whacky styles are okay but I love those boots! They look great on you πŸ™‚ x

  2. I love Irregular Choice. Some of the styles are rather odd though, but I still love them πŸ™‚ xx

  3. I really like them and they are so comfortable, some are a bit out there for me too but I like the variety and that there is something for everyone.

    My sister is wearing the most amazing irregular choice shoes for her wedding next year and they are beautiful!

  4. Mat

    IC are just bonkas aren’t they, my sister had some when she went though her teenage angsty times that had the word “bitches” strap painted on them

  5. These are amazing! I generally find them a little out there for my own taste, but I love how Alex wears them, and you πŸ™‚ xx

  6. Oh wow, these are fab.. I like their shoes but don’t own any at the moment ! I used to when I was back in college !

  7. They are stunning, I love that they are out there πŸ™‚

  8. Hazel@Sarenza

    I was undecided when I first saw Irregular Choice last year, but they have some really nice styles!

  9. love your outfit!!!

  10. Don’t feel guilty for buying something you love! They look so cute on you!

  11. these are so damned good! love them. i find irregular choice so brilliant to look at but am never sure whether to commit to any because i’d be scared of ruining something so intricate and beautiful, and wouldn’t be sure how to dress them. i’d love to see you do something about how you dress your ICs!

    jade. xx

  12. I love those shoes, I love IC shoes but I personally like a bit of oddity in my shoes and always go for more unusual designs xoxo

  13. AGh I love your outfit …. and at 22 I would SO be wearing it πŸ™‚

  14. I love your outfit, especially the shorts.

  15. love the shoes honey, you look gorgeous! xx

  16. I’m not familiar with this brand at all but I think this pair of boots looks great!

  17. I am in love with the color of your tights! I need some just like that!

  18. I think ICs are brilliant and they make me smile! However, there are some I definitely wouldn’t wear- some of them look a bit like a jumble sale with all bits hanging off (like the ones with the sinister doll one!) or ones with impossibly high heels that would see me flat on my face if I attempted it but I still like seeing them. The majority though are brilliant, quirky details, fun, and innovative. I really like the ones Char and Alex wear- they always wear really nice ones- tasteful and pretty!
    I only have one pair grey felt with dogs and bows on with a little heel which I love!
    These ones are very cute Laura!!

  19. They are AWESOME!

    I love Irregular Choice, their shoes are so unlike anything else.

  20. I’m not usually a fan, but I do really like these. xx

  21. Love the boots! My daughter has a few pairs of irregular choice shoes:)

  22. Bootiful! I really like IC shoes yet sadly i don’t own any. Char is my shoe idol! x

  23. I love IC and don’t own any yet although I woould love to wear the proper crackers ones, but they’re quite ‘spensive if they don’t get worn often.
    Love this pair!

  24. Jo

    I love IC shoes. I have a pair of white with red love hearts, heeled peep toes for my wedding next year. Love that they are a little quirky, like me. They always make me smile. Boots are gorgeous, good choice.


  25. Great boots I love irregular choice shoes/boots but still don’t own a pair πŸ™

  26. Some are odd…but still love them! xx

  27. love your outfit laura! especially your boots πŸ™‚


  28. Although some of them are a little kooky for me, for the most part I love Irregular Choice shoes. Especially these! Very cute with just the right amount of whimsy.

  29. I like IC’s, some really great designs. Love your princess t-shirt! x

  30. Love them in theory – I mean look at those soles! Only occasionally see designs that I actually want to wear though. x

  31. Ah man, love these. I had never even heard of Irregular Choice until I found Alex. It’s all her fault! Now I have a growing love and found some awesome starry ones for the Sarenza competition.

    Oh and although I like JC Litas, these are a 100 times more orriginal.