Baby It’s Cold Outside

Alternative title: A little more onesie love.
Maybe it’s the painkillers talking but I really am now feeling the need for more onesies in my life. The beauties I am about to share below are from the one and only Marks and Spencer and I’m think that perhaps with ten more days of sick leave (at least) ahead of me I need all three just to vary things up a little!

All three onesies cost £25 and I am desperate for the cotton rich penguin print one (last picture)
All available in store and online now!
I reckon these would make fantastic Christmas gifts even if your not a onesie fan yourself.

2 comments for “Baby It’s Cold Outside

  1. i have TWO! cos who can resist a good onesie?!

  2. Awww..the first one is so cute! Love the print. I have one and i want to add another for its really so comfy during cold nights.