Bag Lust- Brit Punk from Cambridge Satchel

Think Satchels and you don’t instantly associate the word “Punk” with them, do you?
Cambridge Satchel are out to challenge this with their latest release the Brit Punk Collection compromising of two toughened up black leather Satchels to perfectly accentuate the tough AW leather and black fashions (so basically they’ve created my ideal bag!)
13″ Black with Studs- £150

14″ Black with Tartan- £159

My personal favourite is the black with studs as to me it seems the most long-wearing of designs in terms of seasonal versatility. My love of all things tartan means I am also seriously coveting the slightly larger version with that fantastic front pocket.
Sadly for me, both are out of my price range, dammit.
Fancy a closer look or been tempted to make a purchase?
The bags are available right here on the website.
Which do you prefer?

13 comments for “Bag Lust- Brit Punk from Cambridge Satchel

  1. These are gorgeous I love them both xxx

  2. These are so gorgeous they should definitely make a tartan with studs xx

  3. I love them both! The tartan one is gorgeous though. And yes we will definitely meet up – let me know when you’re free!!! – Tasha xxx

  4. The black tartan satchel is gorgeous! I love it, I want it! Gosh darn, they’re so expensive! x

  5. Ooooh lovely picks! I love that studded one too, I don’t really ‘do’ studs but this one is still so elegant xxx

  6. Oh I love them both!! I think the tartan one has the edge for me, it’s gorgeous! A bit out of my price range too at the moment unfortunately xx

  7. AVY

    I like the studded one too but the tartan might look modern for longer.


  8. I really love the first one!

  9. Absolutely love these, especially the tartan one!

  10. I love a good satchel and these are lovely!

  11. Amy

    Totally into the tartan. Perfect for Autumn!


  12. I love the one with studs on it too. It’s lovely!

  13. Oooh love the tartan one! Super cute for A/W. They are out of my budget too 🙁 I understand WHY they are so expensive, just wish they weren’t hah