Banana Girl

I’m not entirely sure why I am posting this outfit other than to prove I do slob around sometimes! This was from Thursday morning which was bitterly cold and I am in fact rocking a thermal vest and long johns underneath the jeans and jumper.
This will forever remain my feel good jumper (c/o Qcumber), I don’t think it’s possible to be down and out when wearing such a cheerful piece. Qcumber have just launched some amazing hats too…I think this one is fantastic!
The jeans I’m wearing are from Bershka, picked up super cheap at some point. It’s nice to finally be able to wear them/fill them out, although somewhat disconcerting at times. I have a thing for ripped jeans but this time of year really does call for either long socks or thermals underneath; blue knees are never in style!
On my feet I have FINALLY squished on my converse, I’m not sure it was worth the discomfort but it felt good to be reunited.

Do you have a feel good piece of clothing?


14 comments for “Banana Girl

  1. That is a lot of bananas. That HAT, OH MY WORD THAT HAT. You would never ever see someone angry or sad in a hat like that.

    Karys x

  2. Haha. that’s an awesome jumper! It’s weird to see you in something other than dresses/skirts! Have a nice Sunday x

  3. This s*** is bananas! xxx

  4. Very cute, I always smile when I see this jumper 🙂

    I have a few feelgood clothes mainly big fluffy jumpers and my yoga pants, not very stylish but so comfy 🙂

    Janine xx

  5. Oh wow, I love this jumper!

  6. I love a slouchy outfit once in a while…

  7. I really love this outfit.. I’m a big advocate of feel good clothing! All my Wildfox and Minkpink stuff makes me very happy when I wear it.

  8. Mat

    i like bananas, i like sweaters, together makes perfect sense. ah cheers on the comment on the northern goods posts but it’s actually mine and my gf’s creation!

  9. I bloody LOVE you in those jeans x

  10. I love me some bananas but I love them when they are still on the green side. Great jumper!

  11. thats a fun jumper, it made me smile. For comfort i wear my black jogging trousers and a top. In fact i wear that pretty much whenever i’m home, i really aughta wash them sometime!

  12. That jumper is amazing! So lovely to see you yesterday, hope you feel better soon!

    Maria xxx

  13. Red

    Hello. I would love a similar jumper. I feel that would be wrong for me to wear a banana jumper mainly because I don’t like bananas. Maybe I’d need to have apples or something instead.
    Not sure it’d have the same feel. Today I have discovered my new favourite fruit are redcurrents. They are amazing. Not sure they’d go on a jumper though.

  14. My cucumber Qcumber jumper is my feel good piece, they really brighten up the day dont they?(: