twinkle twinkle

Somehow the only photos I got last night were on instagram so excuse the not so good quality! By the time I got away from work at 5:30 I was so ready to glam up and get my party ON! I’d had my outfit planned for some time: Ax Paris dress (c/o and a winner the second it arrived). Metallic tights from New Look, Patent black and gold flats from Matalan (not seen) and my Topshop cat ears which attracted most of the attention!

It was a really good night, I work with the most amazing people and they know how to party! I may have disgraced myself a little at the end by switching from gin and tonic to red wine from the bottle but it seemed a great idea at the time!

I think the only downside was getting utterly drenched on the walk from the carpark to the venue, being on the crutches meant I couldn’t hold up an umbrella…thank goodness for hand dryers and hair that finally dries as I want it to without much prompting.

Sorry to the folk I randomly started texting, making less and less sense…I don’t drink often, that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it.

Have you had your party yet? What did you get up to?

I’m fortunate never to have realllly embarrassed myself at one but I’d love to know if you have!


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  1. You looked very beautiful,! Gorgeous dress. Red wine from the bottle is acceptable at work Christmas parties 🙂 xxx

  2. GORGEOUS!!!!! altho that last pic makes it look a bit like you are one of those ladies who “drink alone” hahah! :p
    gotta love those xmas parties

  3. Aaahhh, that dress is well cute Laura. Glad you had a good time 🙂

  4. You look gorgeous!

    I had my party too last night and I was so drunk that I can’t remember if I embarrassed myself so that is fine with me 🙂 I was out for 12 hours though from 12 noon to midnight!!! Epic!

    Janine xx

  5. Love love the Topshop cat Ears!

  6. Aww, you look super glam. I like how the ears lighten it up too. Fun and festive! X

  7. Vix

    You look absolutely stunning, love the ears! x

  8. adorable! i love your holiday dress, very festive! your skin looks glowing 🙂 hope you aren’t nursing a hangover…i can’t throw it back like i used to haha

  9. You look SOOOO cute, I still think I need a pair of those ears.

    I think it’s perfectly acceptable to shame yourself at a work Christmas party.. most people have done it and it only gets forgotten about when the next thing comes along. I sound like I’m speaking from experience here, right?

  10. So so so stunning…simply love the cat ears a wonderful touch 🙂 Hope you crutches looked fab with the lights I hope you had a wonderful time xxx

  11. aww you look gorgeous, your hair looks fab x

  12. You are looking very very pretty there!!! How lovely! I may have embarassed myself as a student in my first year when I took a massive gulp from what I thought was a tumbler of water, which was in fact neat vodka! I was ill for the rest of the night!

  13. That dress is stunning on you!! Love the ears by the way.

  14. You look gorgeous, I love your dress and your cat ears. As for embarrassing myself when drunk, yes I have, quite a few times! xx

  15. That dress is super cute! You look great!

  16. If I look half as fabulous as this for my Christmas do on Saturday I’ll be a happy girl! I always *think* I’ve disgraced myself at Christmas parties but then it turns out that everyone else was just as drunk and can’t remember anyway 😀

  17. I’m nursing a hangover today, it was the Mr’s work do last night and I completely got drunk! And it was wine that did it to me too- but I rarely drink the rest of the year so that’s my excuse.

    The dress is gorgeous, very pretty and perfect amount of sparkle xxx

  18. You look absolutely stunning, think this is my favourite post from you! Sounds like you had such a fun night-we’ve all done the drinking from the bottle, classy ladies!! Haha 😀 Adore the cat ears and your make up looks perfect! xx

  19. What a fun and sexy outfit. You look fab lady. And what better way to celebrate Christmas then getting filthy drunk. 😉

  20. Gorgeous dress! Glad you had fun, drinking from a bottle is totally acceptable after 9 pm 😉

  21. You look stunning Laura! Glad you had a fab time, I missed my work do because I was ill, so gutted xxx

  22. Looking gorgeous Laura! So glad you had a good time <3

  23. You look amazing! I hope you enjoyed your evening 🙂

    I’ve got my leaving drinks on Friday, and hoping things wont get tooo messy…!!