Beautiful Bras

It might seem odd for someone who lacks in the bust department to be writing about lingerie for those more well endowed but I’ve suffered many a shopping trip with friends (and I mean suffered in the nicest possible way) where all I hear about is the lack of availability of cheap bras that are pretty as well as practical (I’ve also suffered the same sort of troubles finding smaller sizes). And it’s something that irks me, that things are still quite backwards in the lingerie department. Clothes now come to cater for all shapes and sizes, mostly at the same price and looking very similar so why can’t undergarmets follow suit? Some shops do it well; the simply change the wiring to suit the sizes, but others…well. Let’s not go there! I swear there is nothing more frustrating than spying a set you really want to buy only to find it stops after size X, or doesn’t start until size Y… I’d like to think I’m not alone in this, perhaps us bloggers should spread the world and cater for bras for all boobs?! I’d be really interested in hearing opinions on this; where do you rate and where do you hate? Got any tales to tell or rants to rave about? I would like to say, having done some shopping in Holland over the weekend that they seem to have it sorted out there; fabulous underwear shops that start at the smallest of sizes and go up to the larger ones without compromising on value or style, next time I go I’m taking a seperate case just for my small! So yeah. Rant and rave ladies. Rant and rave. xxx *sponsored post but something I do care about*

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  1. Sam

    I think this is something that’s definitely improving on the high street now – I’m a DD/E and have found some gorgeous stuff in Primark and New Look this season (just published a post this week about a gorgeous strapless bra I found in New Look actually!). But it can be very frustrating, especially when you have a small back size and large cup size… and I have a friend who’s a K cup who really struggles.

    Sam Muses xx

  2. I completely understand you, but for the opposite reasons! I used to wear a 34G bra and it was so hard finding them!!! I have since done a breast reduction and now wear a 38D, but I still don’t manage to find the cute bras with the cute designs that smaller sizes seem to carry…

    I do think undergarments should also carry different sizes =) Great post!


  3. I’ve read of people having difficulty finding ones correct size and fit in lingerie, particularly in bras, fairly often. I’m surprised so many shops lack the full range of cup sizes to go with the different back measurements (or vice-versa. I wonder if it’s an attempt to keep a lower inventory and only stock the high volume sellers? I think some of the bras worn on the runway have been custom tailored, though I’ve noticed briefs on the runway where overly skinny models’ legs didn’t fill the leg holes.

    The bras at Curves + Me are pretty.
    I see they carry the 28GG that Kelly at the Curvy Kitten has had trouble finding at many lingerie retailers and boutiques. I haven’t had the problem with bras but have had problems finding blouses and babydolls that were big enough for me some styles I wanted. So glad to hear they have it sorted out in Holland. I’d love to visit there some day.

  4. I don’t necessarily have a problem finding bras to fit (I’m a 32DD – 32E), but I find that a lot of bras with larger cup sizes have ugly, thick straps and are “full cup” rather than 1/2 or 3/4 cup.

    When you have bigger boobs, the bras already look less ‘pretty’ and delicate, and then to have the cups cut really high makes it even worse. There’s nothing more annoying than seeing a pretty, delicate bra only to find that the style changes from DD – G and all of a sudden it’s no longer delicate. I realise bigger breast need more support, but who decided a D cup was the cut off point?
    I find Mimi Holliday make nice 1/2 cup and balconette bras for small back sizes and large cups, but they are very expensive (c.£50) so they are a treat.

  5. I still have issues with underwear even though I’m grown up now. I hate going bra shopping with a passion! xxx

  6. totally relate for the smaller end of the scale,most cheap shops seem to start at a 32B… I need a 32A damnit and I don’t want kids bras 🙁