Mother Hair Straightener Review (by My Mother!)

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted about reviewing a new hair styling product by Mother, a brand I had admittedly not heard of before.
The press release sounded fabulous though and with a hair-mad Mum, I once again handed over to her to put this product through it’s paces!

Mother Says:

“Introducing the UK’s first ever salon professional interchangeable hair styler – Mother Hair
Styler. With its unique 2-in-1 design, the Mother Hair Styler is the professional hair styling industry’s first significant innovation within the last 10 years.
Presented in a stunning gift box with a set of wide and standard Titanium plates, this styling must-have cuts out the tiresome effort of chopping and changing between various tools to create the look you desire. Also included is a robust, easy-to-wipe silicon heat-proof mat, patented designed heat covers that are virtually indestructible and a pair of sectioning clips – all this for just £140 A bargain compared to the prices of a straightener with only one set of plates!

Tirelessly keeping up with the ever emerging hair trends was once the preserve of celebrity hair chameleons such as Rihanna, Katy Perry and Jessie J. But for the average woman, spending time and money on an array of straighteners and tongs to “keep up with the Kardashian’s” can prove to be an expensive effort – until now.

Click on the wide Titanium plates to smooth, loosely curl, and of course straighten long thick hair or use the slim-line Titanium plates to smooth fringes, short to mid-length hair or to create a mass of ringlets on mid-long length hair. Its premium Titanium plates ensure moisture is locked deep within the hair shaft for a mirror-shine finish; kinks and frizz gone is just one passing through the hair.

Mother Hair Styler is the ultimate styling tool to take on your holidays as its all-in-one styling versatility means no need to lug around extra hot styling tools. And if that wasn’t travel savvy enough, unscrew the plug to reveal a 2 pin point international plug, so no need to bring an adapter!

In a rush? Mother Hair Styler’s smooth as glass Titanium plates heats up to a red hot 230 degrees in 30 seconds flat; with the variable temperature digitally controlled in order to give you the power to go as hot as needs be. And no more straining to reach the mirror to style your hair because of a ridiculously short swivel cord – Mother Hair Styler’s lengthy 3 meter cord goes the distance to ensure your styling experience is quick, easy and effortless as possible”.

And My Mother Says:

I was very excited to receive this straightener to review as I have a love/hate relationship with my hair – curly and frizzy, which I have over the years managed to get under control courtesy of various models of straighteners.  Firstly (not that should sway you in any way) but this was beautifully packaged and presented so was very keen to try to the product out.  I used the wide plates first off knowing I would have to change to the slim plates for my fringe and shorter sections later.  After reading the instructions and changing the plates, which needs to be done with the lock activated, I set to the desired heat setting and within seconds was ready to straighten.  My hair glided through the plates, and being wide it took much less time to do each section, and had very straight and glossy hair by the time I had finished.  Then the slightly tricky bit (first use!) of changing to the slim plate while the wide ones were still very very hot.  I had to lock the straighteners, fit the cover to the large plates then press the release buttons and gently ease the plates out, then simply pop the slim plates in place and touch the heat setting and it automatically heated to the setting I had just used earlier.  Slim plates again glided through my hair and shorter side sections, leaving it shiny and straight. 

Although these are quite expensive if you struggle with your hair getting it poker straight then these may just be the ones for you.  Fab idea having the 2 plate option, relatively easily to use and sure this will get easier after a few goes with them, the heat proof covers for both plates is a nice little bonus, ideal if you have used them and then want to pack away, or perfect for holidays etc meaning no waiting for the plates to cool before packing inside a case (so long as the tool is wrapped in a heat mat or towel – as they are still quite hot, but not burning hot, to touch).  As a final word my hair stayed straight, despite the dismal drizzly rain all week, until my next wash and straighten session. 

For stockist details visit: or to stock the Mother Hair Styler System in your salon call: 01274 299 772 

Have you heard of motherhair before? What do you think of the idea? I’m currently loving my hair wavy but will be giving these a try in the near future to see if even the hair handicapped can cope!


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  1. Love these styler have been using them in my salon for sometime now