black magic

Peacocks tee, Next skinny jeans, Friis & Company shoes c/o Sarenza.

Couldn’t resist these shoes in the Sarenza sale, a bargain at £33.50. I have decided that if I want to wear any vaguely sandal like shoes then they need to be a wedge; as mentioned on Monday, they are the ideal solution for keeping feet out of puddles!

These jeans are so old now…six or seven years I think. Shared between my Mum and I (I currently have ownership I think) they are the best fitting jeans I have ever found and I don’t think I could ever part with them.

Heard on the grapevine we might actually get some kind of summer after all…looks like my sunglasses post below saved us!

Happy Wednesday folk. Keep your chins up.


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  1. Yes I heard that summer is finally going to arrive, lets hope so. I love your shoes, great idea for puddle wading! I have found my plastic Melissa shoes invaluable in this wet weather.

  2. Mat

    black isn’t a colour i wear much at all, you suit it

  3. My level of shoe envy is getting extreme! 🙂 You always look so effortlessly glam. Sometimes you need a good tee & jeans moment, especially with this ‘summer’.

    Enjoy your Hump Day lovely xxx

  4. Summer seemed like it wasn’t too far away, yesterday. But today I get to work and it just seems to be another grey day.

  5. Those shoes rock! Great blog.

  6. lovely simple look 🙂
    would you like to follow each other?

  7. Those wedges are a-maz-ing

  8. Bring on the sunshine!

    You have such wonderful style 🙂

    Hope you’re taking care of yourself sweets. 2 days till the wkend xxx

  9. Can I steal your legs and shoes please?! THANKS

    Maria xxx

  10. ooooh, I love the shoes!

  11. Pretty shoes! Hope the rumours of some sunshine for the UK are true!

  12. Those are some pretty shoes!

  13. great casual outfit!love your style!

  14. Philip

    You don’t suit your natural hair because you haven’t brushed it and its soaking wet!
    You only posted this image of yourself because you’ve angled it.
    It actually looks like you have no teeth.

    Why can’t you take a picture without angles? You obviously have a square shaped face so you always centre on that too make it look slimmer.

    There are plenty of people that also suffer from anorexia and don’t look for validation constantly.
    I am sure that being around images on blogs doesn’t help self -esteem

  15. I do love those wedges, but after buying three pairs of shoes recently, no more shoes for me for a while.

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  16. Ooh those shoes are lovely! Haha that’s so true, heels do keep your feet dry! xxx

  17. Laura, I hope you manage to ignore that arrogant, soulless troll giving you a hard time. It’s very easy to hide behind the anonymity of the Internet, limiting the ability of others to respond directly in return to uninvited, cruel and inarticulate remarks. Your dedication to posting on your blog daily is impressive – I read it frequently, and enjoy your writing very much. And if my words don’t help, maybe these will…

  18. MH Worker

    When you put yourself out like Laura on the web you have to expect criticism either, good or bad regardless of mental health. It’s a fact: that is what the internet is like.
    You can’t please everybody, people can be cruel
    Yes but I actually do agree with this comment by Philip.
    Yes she works hard keeping the blog going but is it also keeping her illness going too?
    I work with MH people and fully understand the implications on the web.

    It’s not always good and I often deal with patience that spend a lot of time on blogs, tumbler sites ETC, maybe not for the soul purpose of thinspiration but as a tool too avoid being well.

    It’s a proven fact of seeing negative body images don’t help results in a denial of true body size, what is real and what isn’t.

    This anonymous troll has really only given Laura more attention what her illness wants too hear, as it’s twisted the comments back: as others will remark on how small Laura is.

    Lastly I don’t have a blog or use other forms of net things only for research.
    Stay well Laura

  19. cat

    I’m sorry, but I actually know Laura in real life and there is no way at all that she blogs for these reasons. If you don’t like her blog or think it is for the wrong reasons, then simply do not read it.

    Laura, I demand that you totally ignore the troll comments.

    “MH Worker”: I expect your patients have a lot of patience too… they have to.

    Sorry, Laura, but the teacher in me had to get the metaphorical red pen out…
    x x x

  20. Oooh those shoes are so cute!! <3

    The Style Rawr!