Blazer of glory.

Happy Sunday all, I hope your having a fantastic weekend!
I am, now, yesterday was a bit hellish with work but it improved vastly once that was out the way 😉

Leah of What Indie Nights tagged me, so here are my answers:

10 Random Things about Me

1. I am both stubborn and a total perfectionist, this works to my advantage when it comes to things like college but not so much when it comes to anything else.
2. I flit between various food obsessions- last month it was tofu and popcorn, this month it is raw carrots and jelly (not together, I hasten to add)
3. I cannot sit down and watch a whole movie in one go. Well, rarely. Taking me to the cinema always results in me behaving like a child; fidgeting and wriggling with endless toilet trips.
4. I am really incredibly self consience. Starting a blog was a huge thing for me, but the comments I recieve and the process of posting my outfits has helped me so much with how I view myself (so, thank you!)
5. I make obsessive lists. Then lose them
6. I love crafts, all crafts. The only one I’ve stuck at for any length of time has been making jewellery though.
7. I find it highly amusing to plonk Flash on the scales! Haha, he’s gone from 7lbs when he was sick back in April, to 12lbs today (he was 21lbs when we got him due to his previous owners feeding him too much human food)
8. I prefer shopping alone, I am very indecisive and like to take my time trying things on and getting a feel for materials before buying. I also love random conversation with shop assistants and I think some of the Bristol ones are now convinced I am insane.
9. Life is better when covered in glitter. Always.
10. Buy me a packet of sweets and I’ll be your friend for life.

After much consideration, I have no idea who to tag (suprised, much?)
so as usual…go ahead and tag yourselves!

Outfit today involves my new blazer. It was meant to be, when I went back yesterday there was one left in my size and it was carefully hidden waiting for me to find it.

I’ve gone from Blue to Grey with my outfits this weekend.



Blazer: New Look
Dress: H&M a few years ago…another of my £3 dresses
Tights: yet another pair of my black thermals!


47 comments for “Blazer of glory.

  1. Kb

    Hey, nice to finally see the blazer you were twittering about! It looks lovely. I’m an indecisive shopper too, people must think I’m mad, muttering to myself. I have random conversations with customers at work, but i feel as though i freak them out at times. I want to meet you too! Hopefully there’ll be future events where they reimburse travel or something.

  2. Thank you for your comment! I am also stubborn and a bit of a perfectionist – agreed that it works at college but not everywhere else…
    And I absolutely love number nine and ten on your list!

  3. E+J

    Hey Nice blazer !

    I Like your little 10 things about me list ! – It was rather entertaining (:

  4. Ooo i love the blazer, its gorgeous on you x

  5. haha, I love #9 and #10!

    You look great in that outfit.

  6. Hey darlin- I’m with you on #5. Haha! I make lists ALL the time. But I wish I saved them to see if I actually followed through… Love the blue and grey on you.

  7. Love the blazer I makes you look so much older as does the monochrome outfit. I’d love to see how you wear it to have messy fun with glitter!
    I think it comes across that you are quite a self concious person , as you often talk about things you are dissatisfied with, but I do hope all the comments change that, you are lovely!
    Sweets and carrots, yum!!!
    p.s. Bakc at college tomorrow, or have you left forever now?

  8. Damn your so snazzy!!! I love the blazer and the print on that dress, erm could I please just take your whole wardrobe? Seriously can’t wait to go fashion shopping with you in the future hun 😉

    prettyneons X

  9. ah the blazer is so cute, and you look so well! I bought a black blazer the other day, but haven’t wore it because is still to hot.
    nice to read the tag!

  10. totally understand about your food obsessions. i always have them. and i agree that going shopping by yourself is so much easier. if i want to do some serious shopping i always go by myself godd night x

  11. great facts! i love that blazer!

  12. Meg

    Love the blazer. I also prefer to go shopping by myself, as I am very fussy and slow. I also like shopping with my mom though.

  13. hmm cute dress!i also like the outifts based on shades of grey!
    And although I love this blazer seeing it on you, I m not so sure, I d wear it!

  14. Haha I hate sitting still to watch movies too! When I watch one at home, which is rarely, I usually have to take breaks like once every 30 mins to go do something else.

    Lovely dress! It reminds me of hot air balloons for some reason.

  15. 1. LOVE the blazer. 2. I make lists ALL day long!

  16. have to love inexpensive H&M finds that really last! Love it! Especially with the blazer!

  17. Great list, laughed at no. 5 😀

    Looking reaaaaally nice, love the blazer–you work it really well!

  18. Great blazer! And I love grey, so this look is definitely up my alley. Really enjoyed reading your tag answers. I’m with you on the shopping alone… I enjoy window shopping with girlfriends as a social thing (but very rarely buy anything on these trips). If I am looking to get something though, I’d really rather prefer to go alone and try things on in my own time. Hope you had a lovely weekend!

  19. Im total perfectionist, it’s make me hard to find a clothes so I prefer sewing it by myself. and Im agree with shopping alone, Im always choose the item I don’t like If do it with my friend 🙂
    and love ur grey blazer, it’s one of my wishlist


  20. i love this monochromatic look. And the blazer is just amazing

    have a great day!

  21. love that blazer, so chic!

  22. love that blazer, so chic!

  23. love that blazer, so chic!

  24. love that blazer, so chic!

  25. love that blazer, so chic!

  26. you’re looking as pretty as ever! love that blazer on you 🙂 your crafts are beautiful, keep making them!

    ♡ R

    P.S. I’ve moved to a new address, please click to 🙂

  27. great outfit!the blazer is awesome and love your dress

  28. the grey looks good on you it’s subtle and simple you never look like you’re trying to hard

  29. SUch a cute post! I too am a much bigger fan of shopping alone so I can take my time. I only really shop with other people if I’m trying to help them shop, which is fun too.

  30. I’m glad you reassured us about the carrots and jelly. That gave me a fright for a second.

  31. E

    Life is better covered in glitter – I completely agree. And you have no reason to be self-conscious – look so beautiful in photos (perfect skin, lovely figure) and have such a wonderful sense of style.

  32. oh i love this outfit! looks great!!! 😀

  33. I am so the perfectionist as well. Sometimes I think it’s unhealthy, but I really can’t do anything to change it, I suppose. Love your ensemble – gray is one of my favorite colors! 🙂

  34. Love the dress and the blazer! You look great!

  35. I really need to pay a visit to New Look, you always find the best stuff! I prefer to shop alone too

  36. i like shopping with friends but will only buy things when i am alone.

  37. that blazer is fab!

  38. Reading your 10 random things, you sound just like me! And I love love love your blazer, it really suits you! xxx

  39. I can say: CUTIE!


  40. Great blazer love the rolled up sleeves and gray!


  41. Gorgeous outfit… I’m so jealous now… especially since the dress was £3!

  42. Anonymous

    Haha. Life is better when covered in glitter! So true. 😉 I like the outfit.-Feather

  43. Le blazer et la robe, bien joué pour l’accommodation c’est parfaitement coordonné félicitations