Strictly Trailer

Don’t pretend your not excited!

My only problem…
do I watch Strictly or X-factor on Saturday
(and record the other for Sunday, of course)

25 comments for “Strictly Trailer

  1. Kb

    Gorgeous dresses! It’ll be interesting to see if there’ll be any front runners.

  2. Are you ready?
    O.H M.Y G.O.S.H YES!
    cant wait
    although always watch strickly on saturday, as i cant take the tension of waiting untill sunday to see who goes!!!!

  3. ooh, has to be said, i adore all the sparkles in this ad 🙂 i’d say: watch x factor on saturday, and record strictly…but im not sure why 😀

  4. definately strictly! strictly is so much better than x factor coz its actually really gorgeous to watch and x factor is just annoying. trthfully this year im not gonna be watching either of them, i just cant be bothered with mindless tv btw im loving all your fashion posts at the moment with all the tights all the time its just getting me excited for winter! x

  5. E+J

    xfactor saturday , strictly sunday !

  6. Vik

    hey girly
    sorry ive missed a few of your posts being away but good news! you won the bracelet i featured in my giveaway! ironic since you make your own jewellery but hopefully you’ll like this addition!
    email me your address and ill post it off to you! 🙂 also got some pics up from my trip in Paris, check them out! xx xx

  7. Vik

    lol you can no longer say you dont win anything!! 🙂
    my email is

  8. too excited! my pref is x-factor and sky plus strictly, I don’t need to concentrate/watch so much on x-factor so its good for a sat night!

    ps. i’m looking at that blazer too… i saw it had some money off on the new look website… was it the same instore? x

  9. Strictly – I agree with rebecca.

  10. L

    can’t wait autumn tv is the best.

  11. i think u shuld record x factor and watch strictly… or maybe…
    i donno, can u only fast forward when u record? if so record x factor (fast forward adverts!)
    i am so jealous of all these recording machines!!

  12. Jo Wood to win ! you have such a beautiful blog. I hope this comment reaches you – I just had to say hello ! Best wishes & thank you for sharing…

  13. grrrr, not available in my area 🙁

    anyways, how’s everything going with you? 🙂

  14. Eri

    I wouldn’t survive if wasn’t for television on line!

    I have been watching the X factor but I don’t find as funny as before.

  15. That’s the same problem I encounter when choosing between Project Runway and Real Housewives. Crazy dilemma. Ah ha

  16. im super excited too – but x factor is my fav!!!!!xxxxxxx

  17. Looks so exciting!! Thanks for sharing the video! xoxoxo