bright spark

Dress c/o Fashion Culprit
Tights: Matalan 
Neon Vans c/o Sarenza
These neon vans aren’t as orange as my poor photography makes them seem, you can see the colour more accurately here. I guess these shoes show how much my style has changed, a year or so ago I wouldn’t have opted for something so casual, or so bright, thinking that styling them would be limited to jeans and jeans only but actually they are really quite versatile (not to mention comfortable) and go with more of my wardrobe than I first thought. 
It’s quite clear now I’m well and truly loving the neon trend, I’m not brave enough to translate it to much of my clothing- I fear it’d wash me out even more, but shoes…well, bring it on. I’m game for all things bright and beautiful. This is my first ever pair of Vans and I’m a convert. Every bit as comfortable as my beloved yet scruffy Converse I wish I could wear them 24/7.
Time to embrace the Friday madness at work. I’m not sure where this week has gone, at all. I’m really looking forward to the end of the working day and the start of the weekend, I have some pretty awesome plans and a lot of sleep to catch up on!
What have you got planned?

17 comments for “bright spark

  1. Loving your orange vans and the way you have worn them with black. I am a big fan of neon, well anything bright really!

  2. Morning lovely, I hope you have a good day! I’m not in work until 1 but don’t have the weekend to look forward to as I’m in all day Saturday anyway!! It’s snow madness here, so I’m hoping to get out and take some pretty photographs whilst it’s still around 🙂 I love the neon Vans with your outfit – I would have thought the same and limited them to jeans in my mind, but they really add something to the all black outfit xx

  3. I think the neon trend is better done with shoes and accessories. x

  4. I’ve had two pairs of Vans and they lasted YEARS. I love your neon pair, they are fabulous! Hurrah for neon, that’s what I say! x

  5. Love them, they look awesome 😀

  6. I really like the bright orange with the black outfit x

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  7. Well, tomorrow I am going to sit at home and do nothing while it snows all day, and Sunday I am working. Boohiss. I hope you have a great weekend.

    Those vans are wonderful! I’ve never owned a pair either!

    Corinne x

  8. I’m loving the neon trend too! Those shoes are fab xxx

  9. Pfft, converse look the best when they are scruffy! Your vans are cute though, I do enjoy the colour.

    P.S. I am such a spiderman and LOTR fan too!

    E x

  10. Oh Vans… You are so comfy! And cute. Rubbish in wet weather but you can’t have it all. X

  11. Love those Vans, I have some red ones that I wear all the time, especially for work. Hope you have a good weekend xx

  12. Mat

    nice sneaks dude

  13. Anonymous

    Smile love, you always look so moody!

  14. I love a good pair of Vans, they are very comfy! I think these will look fab in summer.

  15. These shoes are amazing, I love them with the black!

    Maria xxx

  16. LOVE these! I think I may need some bright neon shoes myself 🙂 I really like wearing trainer type shoes with skirts. Has to be the right kind of skirt and shoe though… This is definitely a good combo! xo