Bringing Back Summer with heidi klein

In the depths of January it can feel like Summer will never arrive, or ever happened at all. When the folks at heidi klein offered to send me one of their Coconut Beach Candles, promising to bring back the smell of Summer I was all for it. I’m a sunshine girl; I’m at my happiest with bare arms and sun kissed skin and for me the scents of Coconut and Vanilla are the ones that take me back to those glorious light filled days.
The candle is gorgeous and has a real luxury feel to it which makes for instant feel good factor. Sitting in front of a floral scented tea light just isn’t the same. At £36.00 you’d expect something of decent quality and that’s exactly what you get, the way it was packaged made me tempted not to even light it, althoug the smell permeating through the gift wrap soon convinced me otherwise.
The candle is scented with Coconut, Vanilla, Jasmine and Marine- basically everything I love about the summer. It’s not too heady, just delicate and balanced, my bedroom felt like a den of calmness and I could feel my mood instantly lift.
Made from virgin beeswax and developed by Miller Harris you can buy the candle online at or in store (see online for details and check out the amazing swimwear too!)I’ve really been enjoying this candle on the dark evenings post work. Things have been a little bit stressful and busy in my world of late; hence the lack of outfit posts, or indeed anything at all personal. The sunshine filled scent of this candle coupled with a mug of tea and some chocolate/sweets/biscuits has provided the perfect cure for the tougher days. That and face time marathons with Ben. Can’t be beat.
What scents instantly lift your mood?
I couldn’t resist a cheeky last minute edit of this post to share with you THE perfect Monday song, which Ben introduced me to yesterday. I’ve discovered so many new bands and artists since being with him, it’s great!

2 comments for “Bringing Back Summer with heidi klein

  1. Coconut scents are my favourite, they instantly remind me of holidays! xxx

  2. coconut beach sounds amazing! I love candles! x