let me entertain me

I used to be guilty of buying every fashion and lifestyle magazine going. These days I only seem to buy or read them when I’m off work for any length of time- be it holiday or when I’m off sick.
With a long period of sick leave ahead of me I’m actually kind of looking forward to having a chance to indulge in some of my favourite publications, my problem being that for the first three weeks at least I shall be largely housebound.
You can imagine my delight when I discovered Unique Magazines- the online newsagents can’t you? My discovery of which is really rather timely. Right now there are some great discounts at Unique Magazines covering some of my favourite titles such as psychologies (yep, I love it!) on a three issues for £3 deal…HELLO guilt free subscription. I’m also eyeing up Vogue at £15 for six issues and a couple of the crafting titles as well to give myself some inspiration- I’m desperate to master knitting and get back in to cross stitch. Of course one can’t forget Hello Magazine, my ultimate guilty pleasure.
I’m going to be on a budget so will probably just have to pick one title to begin with, although after my sick leave has ended and I’m back on full pay I may treat myself to another one or two.
Which magazine should I go for to keep myself occupied, I’m thinking a weekly edition such as Look (which I used to buy without fail) at £15.99 for 13 issues is a sound investment. A regular delivery to my door, plenty of eye candy in the form of new season style AND a reunion with an old favourite.
Which magazines do you buy without fail?

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  1. I don’t actually buy any magazines regularly now. My favourite craft mag is Papercraft Inspirations and I like People’s Friend which is for people a lot older than me (like retired folk) but I love its gentle innocence!!! x

  2. AVY

    Italian Vogue, they’re always a dream come true.



  3. We have subscriptions to Martha Stewart Living and the National Geographic, aside from that I haven’t brought a proper girlie magazine in a long while!

  4. I used to subscribe to them all Vogue, harpers Bazar, instyle etc. I just never found the time to read them and felt so guilty throwing them away.