Bristol St

Top: A-wear many moons ago
Boots: Georgia Rose c/o Sarenza
(yes I am wearing tights, I’m not that mad)
As a blogger from somewhere that isn’t London or one of the other seemingly “bigger” cities it’s always a bonus to find a shop you loved based in the town you live. Bristol St Vintage is one of these (clue is in the name as to where they are based!) We’ve followed each other on twitter for a while now and when I expressed major love for this crushed velvet midi skirt and the wonderful Linda offered to send it to me I was more than happy to oblige and share my kept quiet for too long love of this shop.

As many of you won’t be aware of Bristol St I’m going to share a little bit of blurb from the website to help you out…

Vintage clothing has experienced a major up surge in popularity in recent years. But why? 
Well, here at Bristol St Vintage we believe in the importance of vintage clothing as it is not only on trend
 (as fashion trends run in cycles) but environmentally friendly (as it cuts out re-production). As we are 
currently overloaded with ‘fast fashion‘, vintage is likely to become a staple in every person’s wardrobe.
Clothing produced before recent times, were produced to last longer than the ‘fast fashion’ that is made 
and sold on the high street today. Therefore you will often find items that are 50-60 years old
 and still in impeccable condition.
We have been collecting pieces of  vintage clothing, accessories and home wares over the past few years 
but had a major search over the past few months in the run up to the shop opening. We currently source 
our items from charity shops, car boot sales, private sellers, ebay and suppliers but absolutely every item 
has been hand-picked to fit the Bristol St Vintage Style.
The shop is primarily website based but you’ll find them pop up at local events such as the harbourside market (which I am shamefully yet to visit) among others. The online store sells everything from beautiful one of a kind dresses through to vintage gifts for the home at prices no-one could begrudge paying- so often is vintage jacked up in price that I walk away in disgust…so not the case with Linda!

To learn more, have a browse or make a purchase visit the website here, you can also like on facebook or follow on twitter to stay full up to date.

I am so in love with my skirt although apart from this slightly nautical look I’m currently struggling with styling it…I have a serious lack of tops in my wardrobe, I’m pretty sure that’s a sign telling me to buy something to go with it! What do you think of Bristol St and vintage in general? Expect to see more from Linda on the blog…


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  1. I follow them on Twitter too and often fall in love with the clothes and homewares they put up, but I’ve only just bought my first piece of clothing online, so I’d probably be more likely to seek them out at local markets over shopping online – for now at least! : )

  2. Love the velvet skirt, and the boots! 🙂

    Elspeth xx

  3. The entire outfit looks fab, Laura! I’m so jealous of your hair, it’s amazing x

  4. Red

    I just checked out the website. It’s not badly priced but nothing in my size really boooo

  5. Looove the skirt. Perfect midi length. I’ll definitely check the website out =) xx

  6. Ah I now have a new favourite shop! I love this outfit, the nautical vibe is fab!

    Maria xxx

  7. I wish I could wear a midi skirt as well as you do! Loving the nautical look.

    Really like the look of the website – as you say it’s so nice to see vintage at a reasonable price!


  8. The skirt is lovely, I’m loving velvet right now 🙂 xx

  9. Your Blue Crushed Velvet Mid-Length Skirt from Bristol St Vintage looks lovely and must be luxurious to the touch. I noticed on their website it was sold as was the pretty floral skirt on the same page. I guess those pretty bargains go fast! Cute outfit! I love the look of vintage styles whether they’re new and retro or genuine vintage.

  10. Huzzah for repping Bristol!

    I’m ashamed to say I haven’t been to any Vintage fairs/stores in Bristol. I think I’m mostly put off by the sizing, most vintage pieces tend to be oversized which I’m not always into. I do however love the accessories, I’m now eyeing up the Vintage Navy Felt Hat…Gorgeous!

    The Style Rawr!

  11. Omg you look so ace! I love your gorgeous ethereal willowyness in this outfit. It’s so gorge, only you can pull off that skirt. You look fab! Those boots are amazing!


  12. Awesome, beautiful outfit. Love that top so hard xxx

  13. Looking wonderful little one! Lucky lady to get the skirt you wanted =)

    Corinne x

  14. That is a beauty of a skirt! Simply styled, it looks perfect.

  15. That shirt is lovely!

  16. Love this outfit, I’m a fan of midi skirts. xx

  17. I find it hard to wear velvet but you pull it off beautifully x

  18. That skirt is darling xxx