thinking warm thoughts

With grey skies and snow falling it seems an odd time to be thinking about what we’ll be wearing in Spring and Summer. Fashion works like that though, always a season ahead and it can be quite hard to get your head round (if your me, at least!)

Still, when the S/S13 Apricot look book dropped through my door I couldn’t help but take a look and start mentally compiling a wish list for when the temperature finally rises in to double figures. Embracing trends from Sixties Monochrome through to “Soft Grunge” and the ever present florals (oh, and a few other key styles too) here are my top picks:

I’ve never much been a fan of predominantly white clothing, I’m just too messy but the cut and style of this dress has won me over.

I love how the cut out detail has transformed this little black dress in to something a bit more unusual for day or night.

Get your layering right and you could wear this little number right now. A very fine knit long sleeve underneath or statement jacket over the top + thick tights and boots and you’re good to go.

Likewise with this dress, the darker colour scheme makes this a potential trans-seasonal piece making it double the bargain at only £30

The print on this makes me think of sunny summer holidays which is reason enough to buy it surely?

Ok so looking through these aren’t the most summery of Apricot‘s new arrivals but I like them anyway. I think any of them could be bought now and worn right through until A/W drops (and beyond) which makes them excellent value for money. Nothing I’ve featured costs over £40 (the jacket is the most expensive at £39) so what are you waiting for? Banish those winter blues and SHOP…if it isn’t payday just yet it soon will be!

Have you started thinking about what you’ll be wearing come Spring yet?


16 comments for “thinking warm thoughts

  1. That Jacket is amaking. I would definitely wear it miami-1980s-style!

    I’m still knitting gloves, but I’ve started thinking about summer ball gowns. Does that count? haha xx

  2. I haven’t checked out Apricot for ages (probably since March last year) and I am impressed by the change in design of their website as I found it hard to navigate before. I love that black and white dress 🙂 I am not a fan of monochrome but I could get into it for that dress.

    I am not thinking about Spring Summer yet, mainly because our Spring weather doesn’t tend to arrive here until about May (if at all) and we get a couple of weeks of summer in September and that is it lol. I need to move somewhere warmer!! :-p

    Janine xx

  3. These dresses are fab. I particularly like the black and white one – so stylish!
    I’m on a mission to shop my wardrobe as much as possible this year, so I’ll be looking for ways to make everything transitional.

  4. That jacket is super! So summery and cute. Also, perfect for colder spring mornings when you want colour AND warmth.

  5. ooh ooh i want that cut out black dress! xo

  6. I cant wait for Spring now! So bored of winter and the bloody snow 🙁 I love the cut outs on that dress. I am definitely eyeing up cut out shoes and clothes at the moment xx

  7. I can’t even get out of pjs at the minute, can’t even think about s/s haha! xxx

  8. I know exactly what you mean, it is difficult to think about flouncing around in pretty dresses when there’s snow on the ground! Still it’s a welcome distraction from feeling grumpy about the weather. I love that black dress with cut out detail, it needs to be mine! (Though I can’t help thinking about bra logistics…) xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  9. Sam

    Love that first dress! I am finding the seasonal thing hard to get my head round – I want to enjoy wearing furry ear muffs and long boots, but I already feel out of date!!

    Sam Muses

  10. Louise W

    I love the flowery dress but it wouldn’t suit me, the neckline is too high and the skirt isn’t long enough to balance me out… might look to see if they do anything else in that cloth though…

  11. I like the tailoring and bow at the front of the first dress, the cap-sleeves of the second, the ornamentation on the yoke of the third, the gorgeous floral print on the fourth dress and the slight puff of the shoulders and the print on the Apricot jacket.

    With respect “when the temperature rises in into double figures” did you mean Centigrade? it’s in the teens Fahrenheit here (well below zero centigrade). Brrrr. COLD! Thanks for the warm thoughts!

  12. Will you please stop tempting me! I like ALL those items especially number 1! (Trying sticking fingers in ears and singing la-la-la to block out the image of pretty dresses!)x

  13. LOVE the first dress! Xx

  14. Anonymous

    Love the first dress

  15. I LOVE the two black dresses, gorgeous! Wish I had places to wear them!

    I bought a mint green dress the other day ready for the pastels trend but apart from that, I’m still layering up and donning my knit wear! It was snowing again today!

    Amy x

  16. I like Apricot…I do love that black shirt style dress x