but I’m a wanderer

Well, this might just be a first for me on the blog- an actual playsuit! Just like their long legged partners this is a garment I never thought I’d be able to wear. Having tried on a couple in the past I just found them uncomfortable; too short in both the leg and the body I found myself feeling like I was being cut in two, and I’m generally just not a fan of the super short shorts that so many other people seem to love and pull off.

Playsuit c/o Quiz | Sandals: Jonak via Sarenza

It seems that despite it now being pretty much the middle of Summer I’m still drawn to monochrome pieces, I just can’t help it! I love this little playsuit so much, it’ll be perfect for an evening out dressed up with heels and some statement jewellery, but it also proved pretty perfect for lounging around the garden whilst doing some work on the laptop from home one afternoon last week.
I’m a bit obsessed with these holographic flatform sandals right now. They are one of the comfiest pairs of shoes I own, and whilst they might not be the most flattering footwear in the world, who cares?!
Playsuits are another item now on my list to look more closely at, now I know the ones at Quiz fit me I hold out some hope for other places too…I think my previous experiences of Primark ones left me a little bit scarred. My body confidence seems to have improved a little lately, I think sunshine plays a large part in that and I’m enjoying trying out new things and learning that my perceptions don’t always mean reality.
What trends are you re-thinking?

10 comments for “but I’m a wanderer

  1. High waisted skirts! today was the first time I actually found one that fit well and looked good on me

  2. You look great, the fit of this is so lovely on you. I love the length too, I could have a butt like Kylie and I’d still not want to show it off so I like slightly longer lengths! Honestly you’re gorgeous and you’re so lucky to be tall, I wish I was! x

    Josie’s Journal

  3. Well it suits you perfectly hun. I’m not sure what trend I am rethinking, I try most if I like them. Think I must just be past caring what others think, that tends to happen when you get to be an old F**t like me. lol

    X x

  4. Yes, you’re rocking monochrome

  5. I love playsuits for things like camping and beach trips. So much easier to put tents up when you don’t have to battle with a skirt flying about everywhere.

  6. This is a lovely playsuit and it really suits you! I own one which I like but I’m.not fond of overly short ones either x

  7. This looks lovely on your Laura!! =)

  8. This is so lovely, I’ll have to check Quiz out as I’ve got the exact same problem, being 5’9. You look absolutely fantastic 🙂

  9. This looks lovely on you! I’m trying a lot more things recently, playing with proportions etc, I guess I’m just lot less scared!

    Maria xxx