Summer Nails with Oriflame’s long wear nail polish

I barely get a chance to paint my nails these days so my skills are more than a little rusty. Working in healthcare has left my hands in a dire state- dry from constant washing and with super short nails that can’t have a trace of colour on them…I’ve gone from being the girl who was always playing with new colours to the one who by the weekend often can’t be bothered!
Despite this I have a huge collection of nail polish and I’m always looking for new colours and formulas to add to it. Oriflame have recently added five new Summer shades to it’s range of long wear nail polishes as part of it’s fashion focused “The One” range. The claims are that this will last for up to 14 days chip and flake free (with a base and top coat + touch ups) making it perfect for a Summer holiday. I was never going to be able to test out this claim in full as I get two days wear max out of my polish before having to remove it for a clinic, but given I can chip through the sturdiest of top coats in a matter of hours, I can still see how it holds up against my clumsy nature.
I was sent a gorgeously bright orange polish to review, which is one of my favourite shades for Summer nails. I am so out of practice with painting my nails that I did a rather hasty and messy job, but this polish applies like a dream thanks to it’s specially designed curve edge brush and dries quickly. Two coats gives really good, solid coverage which is brilliant because after two coats I just can’t be bothered any more, nail painting becomes a chore!
Longevity wise this survived the weekend chip free, which is pretty unheard of for me. This included a hen night and long hair washing session, both of which would ordinarily see me having to remove my once perfect polish. As ever Oriflame have left me impressed with their creation and once the shades go on sale on the 4th of July (limited edition until 7th November) I will probably pick up a couple more. With an RRP of £5.95 they are good value for money, with the kind of quality I usually pay more for. There’s a gorgeous green shade I have my eye on, so watch this space!
Who do you turn to for long lasting nail colours and what are your favourite Summer shades?


2 comments for “Summer Nails with Oriflame’s long wear nail polish

  1. Thats such a nice colour and perfect for any summer outfit.

    X x

  2. This is a lovely shade, I love orange for the summer too! x

    Josie’s Journal