call of the wild

Tee and Jeans from Flatform sandals c/o Miss Ikon

I will be distraught when these Motel jeans no longer fit me, I love them so much; something about the cut and style of the Jordan jean is just perfect for my body and it’s odd proportions.

How is your week kicking off? It’s been a positive start (mainly) over here, I hope things continue in this upward curve,
it’s about time I had a spell of good luck! (£15 scratchcard win yesterday, score! that’s part of my tattoo paid for.)

My hair is now a lot more vibrant, I dyed it shortly after these photos were taken.

I appear to have “blogger’s block” over what to write in posts lately, lame. Any ideas?


14 comments for “call of the wild

  1. You look fab hun! Love the hair xxx

  2. I love those jeans, they look fantastic on you. How about writing about something for aw12, layering, knitwear etc

  3. Bet your hair look fab. I can understand you not looking forward to not being able to wear these jeans as they look great on you.

    Can understand the bloggers block. I agree with Style eyes, how about an AW feature?

    X x

  4. Your hair looks gorgeous x

  5. Your hair looks amazing – such a vibrant shade!

  6. Your outfit is gorgeous as always but I can’t get over how stunning your hair is! suits you to a tee xo

  7. I’ve always loved that tee xxx

  8. Anonymous

    best buys of the year so far?

  9. Mat

    a winner of a tee for sure!

  10. Swit swoo!! You look hot! Love the hair and look forward to seeing the new colour x

  11. Lucy

    Just get the jeans in the next size up 🙂 That’s what I’m doing at the moment 😉

    You are looking seriously fab 🙂

    Lucy xx

  12. That t-shirt makes me all kinds of delighted.