Autumn Shoes at USC

This blog really needs to be renamed “a daisy chain dreams of shoes”. My collection is taking over the whole upstairs of the house and I still can’t stop browsing.
Today I’m sharing my pick of the women’s shoes (more specifically, boots) from high-street retailer USC

Clompy boots are definatley a perk of the cooler weather and right now you can get some pretty sweet bargains!

1. Timberland pull on boots, £110

2. Juju Jellies embellished wellies, £10

3. Abandon Cosmic Glitter boots, £40

4. Blink Nancy Boots, £25

Perfect for casual weekend walks…and for those of you gulping at the price of the Timberlands, I had a pair a few years ago that were the most comfortable boot ever, I can’t even think why I don’t have them any more!


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