Candy Striped

Miss Selfridge tee, Zara skirt, Dorothy Perkins tights, Toms.

I wore this on Sunday, a day that turned out to be un-expectedly glorious. Yesterday, by contrast, was not…it was like Monday AND Friday 13th all rolled in to one.

Still, onwards and upwards. Today is a new day!

How did your week start off? Sorry for such a brief post, there really isn’t much to chat about!


12 comments for “Candy Striped

  1. Really cute! And I love the shoes, they’re one of those colors that just match anything and everything<3

  2. hope your week improves, Friday the 13th definitely wasn’t fun! x

  3. Aw no, hope your week gets better! I’m sure it will, we’re only two days in 😉 I love your shoes, I’ve not seen Toms like that before xxx

  4. Love these shoes, hope you have a better rest of the week! <3

    Maria xxx

  5. love pastels but i cannot pull them off since i have an olive skin tone. i do best in earth tones or bright neons! cute toms! my soon to be sister in law just got a white lace pair of toms for the wedding! hope your week gets better! totally sympathize with your sentiments on yesterday. i had the SAME kind of day at work! let’s put a smile on 🙂

  6. Louise E

    I Hope you wore something warmer over that!

    I was wondering if you have ever thought about doing a piece on
    Your best outfits in the last 6 months and why, quality etc?
    Doing a comparison to cheaper versions VS type thing?

  7. Slowly but surely, you are convincing me that TOMs can actually look nice!

  8. Hope your week gets better 🙂 I have been toying with the idea of getting some Toms.. ! 🙂

    Karys x

  9. Aaaaaawww, you look so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I love your Toms, I’m so tempted to get some, everyone says how comfy they are! 🙂

    Caroline x
    Caroline’s Catwalk

  11. I do love a good stripe top. I ordered myself a new one today, can’t wait for it to arrive! I had yesterday off work, so had a lovely day but today felt like two Mondays!

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