Cat Lady smartens up

Blouse: Monki at ASOS
Skirt c/o Great Plains
Boots: New Look
How gorgeous is this sequin detail midi skirt from Great Plains? It’s got fantastic potential for being dressed up for a night out, as much as I can smarten it up for work like today or dress it down with a jumper for weekends. In other words, my dream skirt. I love the midi length too, I find short skirts tricky with my height and I have a tendency to fall over my own feet in a maxi skirt. I expect I’ll be living in this from here on out.
I’ve never really paid a lot of attention to Great Plains in the past but now I know how great it is I’ll be paying regular visits to the website. It’s on the pricier side of my budget for clothing but the fit and quality are fantastic and there are some stunning pieces on there right now.
I couldn’t resist wearing my Cat blouse to work today too. I now own so many cat related things, which is odd because up until a year or so ago I wasn’t massively bothered by our feline friends…but now, well, I just can’t resist anything with them on. I’m doomed to be that nutty old lady sat on the bus covered in cat hair aren’t  I?
Did everyone have a good bonfire night? I forgot to ask yesterday! I didn’t venture out to any displays but I have a great view from out of my window so didn’t miss out and managed to stay warm and dry. There was a distinct lack of sparklers though. I love sparklers!

16 comments for “Cat Lady smartens up

  1. Sue

    Awww…so cute! Great choice of outfit. Love your shirt because of its design. Love it!

  2. you and me both on the crazy cat lady venture. I love the shoes here x

  3. Ooo pretty blouse! I love this outfit, you look amazing x

  4. ahhh, that skirt is so lovely! I adore midi’s, they are so easy to wear!
    Love the blouse too hun. Did you see the necklace I posted on instagram? I tagged you in the pic because it’s cats and I know you are definitely a cat lady!

    Lots of love Amie

  5. Great idea to pair it with the cat blouse – looks fab x

  6. Great look! That dress is adorable and I love those shoes!

  7. I love Great Plains, they’re a much cuter version of FCUK in my opinion, they have some great prints.

  8. Anonymous

    If you really want to be successful at fashion blogging I suggest you study fashion and the industry. The clothing you wear isn’t doing anything for you and draping things off your frame is only making you look worse, clothing is supposed to flatter your figure not disguise it.

  9. Anonymous

    I love both the top and the skirt, but wouldn’t wear them together as it’s not very flattering. Really dislike the boots.

  10. That’s a bit mean Anonymous. Tact is a wonderful attribute to gain!
    I think the combination is lovely and I like the boots!!
    My Mum found a Greater Plains skirt in a charity shop and she LOVED that skirt, it was so perfect for her and she looked for their catalogue so she could buy another!x

  11. I remember my mum being me a Great Plains jumper when I was a teenager, loved it. Looks really nice on you.

    Buckets & Spades

  12. Love the shirt!

    I wrote a post about beards. See it here!


  13. The prints on the sjirt is so cool.


  14. Really love this outfit, especially the blouse 🙂