Oh so Gorgeous- Limited edition from Lindt

Hands up if you’re a fan of Lindt Lindor chocolates?
Thought so…that’d be most of you then, right.
I’ve tried most of the varieties over the years; original, caramel, dark chocolate, coconut and now the limited edition stracciatella truffles.
Or, if like me you don’t really know what that translates to, it’s essentially cookies and cream. Right up my street!
I was ever so kindly sent a box of these to sample and believe me, it was a hard task not digging in right away! I managed somehow to save them until Ben was over the other night and between us we gave them a thorough taste test and our expert opinion.
These are seriously decadent little balls of goodness. More cream than cookie with a chocolate biscuit studded white chocolate exterior with a smooth and creamy white chocolate praline filling that is in one word, heavenly. 
Oddly I didn’t find these overly sweet which is a good thing really as I wanted to eat as many as possible before Ben grabbed the lot!
Included in the parcel was two tiny lindt gold bears, you know, those adorable little creatures that pop up this time every year along with all the other festive offerings.
But did you know that 10% of all profits on these teeny tiny 10g bears goes to Children in Need? What a perfect excuse to treat yourself.
Ben demanded I show you the after shot of un-wrapping a bear…
Needless to say we approved of these too! Nobody does chocolate quite like Lindt. I’m a forever fan and will be enjoying what I saved of the Lindor balls later on tonight as a treat for surviving another manic week (any excuse, any excuse!)
Are you a Lindt fan? What’s your favourite variety?

9 comments for “Oh so Gorgeous- Limited edition from Lindt

  1. Poor Teddy! xxxxxxxxxx

  2. I could eat these little balls of goodness all day long!

  3. I love the original red Lindt 🙂 the cookies and cream ones sound so good though, not a big fan of praline or anything nutty but in certain things I don’t mind (like Kinder Bueno – yum!) xxx

  4. Lindt are Ashleighs favourite and a must for her Christmas stocking. I will keep an eye out for these.

    X x

  5. Meow. Love all of these, especially the notepad. Can never have too many pretty notepads. x

  6. These are so cute 🙂 I love the Lindt bunnies at Easter!!

    Sophie x soinspo

  7. I thought the white choc Lindt balls were my faves but these sound delicious! x

  8. I love, love, love Lindt so these are definitely on my to try list! <3