cat lady strikes yet again

Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Boots: New Look
Necklace: Chelsea Doll
The second Chelsea Doll posted about this necklace on their facebook page I knew I was going to end up buying it. I held out for all of five minutes before giving in to temptation just before the Easter weekend and within a few days it was mine. It’s unlike anything I ever own- I normally go for slightly more subtle jewellery but yeah…can you imagine me not owning this? Much to the amusement of several colleagues and patients I wore this as part of my work (and play) outfit on Thursday, opting for a classic combination of camel and black to tone it down.
I always feel strangely exposed when I wear this dress, something about the sheer expanse of nude colour I guess. I should probably wear it more, although as it only cost me £7 it’s probably paid back it’s cost per wear debt.
I’m pretty certain I’ve just survived the longest short week ever, bank holidays and the NHS really don’t mix. I’m looking forward to the next few months at work as I have some extra clinics rather than reception shifts (I love reception, I just love working on the clinical side more) as well as some extra hours which I’ve been wanting for some time now. I do like to moan about my job but I wouldn’t work anywhere else doing anything else.
Time to enjoy the weekend, what are your plans?

20 comments for “cat lady strikes yet again

  1. That necklace is awesome!!!!!

  2. Great necklace!

  3. Congratulations on the job news, exciting things ahead it sounds. Love the necklace also, very you dahlink.

  4. Anonymous

    When are you going to get a full time job, stop wasting your money on shit clothes, and save to move out? Your poor parents lol…

  5. Love the necklace! Wish there was a crazy bunny lady one :p I’m allergic to cats! xx

  6. That dress it beautiful on you! You should definitely wear it more 🙂 and that necklace, I love it! Xo

  7. Sam

    Need that necklace! I’m obsessed with cat-themed clothes and accessories atm – just posted about my latest acquisitions too!

    Sam Muses xx

  8. Your necklace is fab 🙂 love your whole outfit xx

  9. BOOTS ARE SO PRETTY. I can’t stop looking at them. So pretty. Also, love the necklace 🙂


  10. Hope you have a great next few months at work and what a brilliant necklace, I know what you mean when it comes to holding out for all of 5 minutes haha, I am guilty of that too!

    Karys xx

  11. You are cat obsesses Laura lol…I love cats too as you know.

    Love this outfit and those boots are amazing x

  12. That is an awesome necklace indeed! I might need one of those as I nearly put a stray(maybe?) cat in my backpack today to take home haha;)

  13. This is so chic! No real plans for me, right now I am sat with a sleeping cat on my knee which is bliss for me.. maybe I should get the cat lady necklace too.

  14. Yay it’s lovely. I love the outfit too, you and your sexy legs, wit woo!

    Corinne x

  15. Congratulations on the job news! LOVE this dress and that necklace is awesome!

    Maria xxx

  16. How odd, I got to the end of that last short week and was thinking I couldn’t believe how long it seemed to have been!
    Love the necklace and I think it looks perfect with that dress!

  17. Love this dress! It’s so simple – looks like a staple item!

  18. Oh my gosh haha! I need that necklace and WOW that dress is a beauty on you! Sorry to read the horrid comment 🙁 some girls are so vile!!!

  19. I love this outfit so much, your necklace is the cutest thing!

    Pip x

  20. Mat

    nice to mix it up on the job front, should be good.