sarenza shoe of the week: cut it out

I’ve seen cut out shoe boots everywhere lately and whilst browsing Sarenza and their latest arrivals from KG by Kurt Geiger I was quite taken by the Vex variety.
Sure they cost Ā£156.90 which seems a lot to invest in a trend but with the weather being what it is these are the ideal way to branch out from winter boots and in to summer sandals. My obsession with all things studded clearly influences most of my decisions at the moment as they were the final selling point on these shoes. Sarenza, you are SO bad for me, I have a wish list ten miles long!
Do you like the cut out trend? What do you think of these?

15 comments for “sarenza shoe of the week: cut it out

  1. Wow! These are lovely! Such a nice colour too! xx

  2. Really really love the spikes!

    Corinne x

  3. Those boots are FIERCE!!! id worry that id end up hurting myself on them tho, i have been known to trip over my own feet :p

  4. interesting look, i like the spikes

  5. i like the cut out trend! also have some shoes like that! šŸ™‚

    xx, Sabinna and David
    Broken Cookies

  6. I like these, they’re really different xxx

  7. those are some stunning shoes, if only they were black (brown would clash with all my black jeans xD)

  8. I’m a bit on the fence with these. I like the studs, the buckles and the colour. The heel is nice too but they look too cold for cooler weather and too hot for warmer weather…
    Maybe that’s just me getting old and sensible?

  9. I love cut out boots! I think I’d opt for black because they’re a bit more classic but these ones are totally badass.


  10. Anonymous

    where did today’s blog go!? I was just logging on to show my friend your outfit (I loved it!) and it seems to have gone!?

  11. Puuurrrr! These are pretty! The cut outs are pretty subtle! Foot cleavage can be great!

    E x

  12. Those are some seriously funky shoes! I could never walk in shoes that high unfortunately šŸ™ boo xx

  13. LOVE these! I really like the spikes on a brown shoe, it looks more rustic but equally as fierce as on black shoes