Keeping up with interior trends for 2018*

Interior design trends are constantly changing — this was evident in 2017 and we are here to help your home stay with the times instead of being left in the past. We’re now in 2018, and redecorating your home to comply with new trends is achievable.
Taking a trip back to 2017

Ensuring that our homes look their best throughout 2018 is essential, to do this, we need to look back at the trends of last year to make the appropriate predictions for what we expect to come. So, what were some of the best trends that transformed our homes over the past year?

A common colour of 2017 was Greenery — and was even announced The World’s Colour of the Year in 2017. The colour green did well in general, as we saw the use of this colour in fashion and commercial design – making it an instant hit with the general public. Greenery represents refreshment and revitalization, which a lot of people could relate to during that time.

A lot of home owners went for a rustic look, using untreated walls to their advantage to create a more edgy-studio vibe, showcasing the original bricks or stones that the home is made up of — adding more character throughout. This trend was a brilliant way for homeowners to save both time and money when decorating, whilst giving them the flexibility to be versatile with their furniture.

Corked-furniture was a new feature to the home, and added a touch of elegance to our products. The environmental friendly material was commonly used throughout the year to make items such as vases, glasses and even lampshades. However, they were often accompanied by a metallic surround that gave off a youthful yet premium vibe.

Mason jars used as cups were another hit in 2017, and was a revolutionary change for our kitchens. Young or elderly, everyone had one in their kitchen. This trend even caught on with restaurant owners, who discovered that they could use these to serve drinks as well as storing food and ingredients. Accompanied with a striped straw, mason jars are the perfect item to serve a nice cool beverage.

Those were some of the biggest trends of 2017, but they’re so last year! What can we expect for 2018?

Expect the unexpected!

We’ve partnered with department store Oldrids & Downtown, retailers of dinner sets to discover what trends that think will be big this year.

Copper was huge last year, but it’s time to leave it behind. Gold and brass furniture will make its return and will become a household essential, although making it subtle is the key to making them look good. Golden legs of a table accompanied with a white top will be the talking point of all of the dinners you host, for instance.

People will find themselves adding a bit more character to their kitchen, as pristine white was a must-do in 2017 — expect experimentation with colours and materials this year. Everyone seems to have a white kitchen, white tiles and white marble worktops and, frankly, it’s a bit repetitive. Mixing finishes will give it a cool New York-like aesthetic that everyone will love.

When you’re picking out your curtains this year, go with rich colours that will pop off your walls. This can really benefit the furniture you have in your room and make it pop to any visitors. Don’t go too wild with different colours, but at the same time don’t be afraid to try something you haven’t used before, such as a mustard tone – be the trend setter with all of your friends.

Forget brighter walls, we’re going dark for 2018. For those who opted for untreated walls last year, it’s time to leave them there and generate something new in your living space. Picture grey walls with your mustard curtains – it’s an interior designer’s dream. Withhold the elegance in your home by opting for a palette of aged colours that will make the most beautiful backdrop.

70s furniture is finally making its return, expect vintage wooden furniture to make its way into your home. From units in your living room to your dressing table (accompanied by a long motel-like mirror), you will have plenty of storage space that will accompany the colour of your walls and threads beautifully.

What trends are you forecasting this year? Which of the above will you be implementing into your home?


Top Tips For Decorating Your Home For Christmas*

We are so far into December now that we can say that Christmas is just around the corner- and it’s actually true. In fact, Christmas is so close that I can practically smell the turkey. Because of this, if you haven’t got your decorations up yet you really should get a wiggle on. If you’re just procrastinating then there’s not much that I can do to help you, but if you are just stuck as to where to start then you’re in luck. Here are some great tips to help you with your Christmas decorating this year.


1. Choose A Colour Scheme
It can be fun to mix and match with your decorations and have everything looking a little higgledy-piggledy, but if you want your home to have the wow factor then a colour scheme is a great idea. It doesn’t matter if your chosen colour scheme runs throughout the entire house or you have a colour scheme for each room, as long as you stick to your theme your home is going to have a big impact. Green and red are the colours traditionally associated with Christmas, but if you wanted to mix it up a bit then purple, blue, white, and silver are all popular colour combinations too.


2. Be Sensible With Lights
When Christmas comes around it’s usually people’s mission to have their home lit up like, well, a Christmas tree. As great as this may look, you don’t need to waste so much energy to make a big impact. Instead of annoying your neighbours with ridiculous amounts of Christmas lights on the front of your house get some simple waterfall lights from to add some sparkle, and skip the big glowing reindeer. Not only does this look just as good (if not better), but also requires much less effort when it comes to putting them up.


3. Match The Dining Table
With any luck you will be spending a lot of time at the dining table this Christmas so it’s important for it to look absolutely perfect. Luckily, it’s pretty simple to do this. Once you’ve decided on a colour theme for your dining room buy napkins and crackers to match this theme. You could also buy a matching tablecloth or even just a table runner. Then all you’ve got to do is make sure the cutlery and crockery match.


4. The Tree is The Key
Your Christmas tree is the most important decoration in your house so it requires the most attention. If you have a conservatory, like one of the ones from then you might even have two, so you have to decide if you want them to match or have different colour schemes. Whatever you decide make sure you spread the decorations out evenly on the tree and don’t forget the start or angel on top.

Christmas is a magical time but it can also get pretty stressful. Hopefully these tips will make yours a little easier.


Tiny Tricks To Turn Your Home Into A Vintage Palace*

Photo by Brianna Fairhurst on Unsplash

Vintage isn’t just something that consists of hip clothing- it’s a lifestyle, one that you can implement in to every aspect of your day to day living. This means that your home could benefit from being changed from a boring little apartment or rental property to a vintage palace. Lots of people rent their homes now, and so they feel that they can’t make major changes, but there are ways to turn your home into a vintage dream, it just takes a little creativity.

Maximize Wood Furnishings
To increase that vintage feel you should purchase plenty of wooden furniture. From sideboards, to bookcases- or anything else you can think of this doesn’t just help to create that nostalgic feel but it brings a lot of warmth and character to your home. And, regardless of the quality of wood whether it is single planks or board and battered any type of wood adds a very vintage appeal to any modern looking home especially with the addition of some Chalk Paint.

Go For Earthy Tones
It’s a great way to offer a timeless look in your home and by going for muted colors it helps everything to blend in rather than overshadow. It’s a very subtle process but you can even purchase accessories that although are essential to the home, still blend to that vintage style and feel. Something like a towel rail radiator you can purchase in vintage styles and is practical at the same time. The blending process is quite difficult, so, if you have guests over that don’t notice it don’t be concerned- it means that you’ve done your job well!

The Thrift Store Is Your Friend
When looking for ways to decorate a home in a vintage style accessories are going to be your saving grace. To spend an afternoon in every thrift store imaginable stocking up on quirky footstools, tea sets and tray tables, you will gradually begin to get a feel for what will benefit your home. And the great thing about thrift stores is that you are going to come back fully loaded with every item imaginable for a very cheap price! Lots of people underestimate a thrift store because the quality of items may not be at their best, but the great thing about making your home a bit more vintage is that an imperfect item can be an advantage in this case, adding to the vibes.

You Can’t Fight Architecture!
The big issue in trying to add a vintage layer to your home is that if you have a thoroughly modern apartment or house, the styles can tend to jar somewhat. Instead, don’t fight the natural architecture of your home look at how you can use this to your advantage. This means go in with a basic plan and it will benefit your home far more than if you decide to randomly swathe your home in a mishmash of styles.

Vintage is very popular right now, and the great thing about vintage styling does that it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. If you are renting a property, or you are somewhere that you can struggle to put your stamp on, try a few of these, and see how it benefits your home.


The 6 Secrets To Bringing The Outside In This Winter *

According to the author Florence Williams just 15 minutes outside in nature can make you happier. While it’s easier to picture yourself walking outside and enjoying a gentle breeze in the park at the peak of the summer holidays, you may not feel quite the same way about a stroll in the forest in the middle of winter when it’s blowing a gale. It might be a fantastic occasion to test how waterproof your wellington boots really are, but let’s be honest,even 15 minutes in the great outdoors is not an easy task during the colder months and there’s no guarantee that getting drenched in the rain and slapped by the cold wind will actually make you feel happier about your life. No, you have to admit that while Ms Williams might speak the truth, the theory will have to wait until Spring 2018 to be tested. However are ways and means to cheat the system, if you can’t spend time outside in nature how about letting the outside in? No, that doesn’t mean taking down the wall or losing a few roof tiles! Check out these 6 safe and foolproof tips to spend 15 minutes in nature at home.


1. Get more plants!
Beautiful plants don’t only belong in the garden, there are plenty of elegant houseplants that can completely change your interior decor. It’s important to remember that when you decide to keep indoor plants you need to pay attention to a variety of features such as how much sunlight, moisture and fresh soil they need. Indeed, while houseplants can revive your interior dead ones don’t quite have the same effect (trust me, I know!) So be sure you know how to maintain them- or pick easy to maintain plants such as a spider plant or a dracaena plant as these are not only easy to manage but they can also clean the air of its toxins.

2. Showcase windows and balconies
Natural sunlight is vital for your health, you’ve probably heard of SAD syndrome that touches people during the colder months of the year. Lack of sunlight can affect your mood and even cause mild cases of winter depression. While this is most common in regions like in the Shetlands or in Norway where daylight becomes extremely scarce in winter it can also happen in urban areas in the main UK regions. It’s important to keep a free access to the sources of sunlight in your home, from keeping your blinds open to choosing the right balustrade system to maximise your balcony. It doesn’t cure SAD, but it reduces its effects significantly!

3. Fresh herbs are a must
You can’t beat a comforting stew in the Winter, whether it’s a rich chicken and tomato stew or an Irish cabbage and potatoes dish. Whatever it is, if you’re thinking of using dried herbs in your dish you’re missing out on the real taste of fresh herbs. It doesn’t take much effort to introduce a fresh herb garden in your kitchen and it can completely change your experience of cooking in winter. When growing your plants indoors light is key so the windowsill in the kitchen is a good place to start- unless it’s just above the heater — in that case it will dry out your plants. Select easy herbs to grow such as basil, coriander or even sage which are beautiful additions to your winter dishes.

4. Bring the shine back to your window panes
When was the last time you cleaned your windows? They may not seem dirty, but small particles accumulate and gradually block out the sunlight. So if your living room looks a little dull and grey it’s time to get your bottle of vinegar and your brown paper out to refresh your window panes. Make a note to wash your window with a mixture of vinegar and warm water to remove dirt and grease at least twice a year.

5. Paint it green
If you can’t bring nature inside your home you can at least imitate it as best you can. Painting your walls in yellow, sky blue or green can add the touch of happiness that you need to make it through the winter. Make sure though to pick soft pastel colours- if you use bright-coloured paint the result might feel a little too aggressive on the eye and have the opposite effect.

6. Eco-friendly craft at home
Maybe you can’t bring all of nature inside but what about little decorative elements? From creating a shoe tray out of pebbles for your muddy boots to using empty seashells in your decor, you can add natural materials to your home easily and elegantly. Pine cones make a great festive decoration when spray painted and dipped in glitter- make the most of the dry days and get collecting!

How are you going to follow the advice of Florence Williams this winter and get your 15 minutes of nature time? We’re doing it at home with houseplants, natural craft and plenty of sunlight. Make your home a nature catalyst to enjoy winter with a smile!


Gift Guides: Paddywax Candles at Rooi

There seems to be differing opinions as to whether a candle makes a good gift. Some might say it’s generic or a cop out, but I love to receive them and I also love to give them, especially when you stumble across the recipients favourite scent or some seriously luxe style on a budget.

I was recently introduced to Paddywax candles thanks to interiors retailer Rooi and was seriously impressed by their aesthetically pleasing style and intriguing sounding scents. I was lucky enough to be able to pick out one of the candles for myself- testing out their gift-ability if you will…read on for my thoughts and whether I’ll be hoping that Santa delivers me more from this brand.

I picked out the wild fig and cedar scented candle from the brand’s Hygge range which costs £27.95. This might seem expensive for a candle, but when you stop and think about what you pay for a large Yankee candle, or splurge on a Jo Malone one it’s really quite reasonable.

The candle itself is beautifully presented in a duck egg blue matte ceramic pot with a very on trend copper lid. This is a large candle weighing in at 425g and promises plenty of gorgeously scented burn time.

It’s always a bit of gamble ordering a candle online when you’ve not smelt any of their scents before but somehow I just knew this would be good- and it is. Whilst some candles have a highly artificial aroma to them this one smells fresh and natural, and once lit cannot help but make it’s surroundings feel cosy.

I’d be delighted to receive any of the Paddywax Hygge range as a gift, and will certainly be gifting them myself. If you’re on more of a budget or fancy a little treat for yourself then you can pick up smaller but equally easy on the eye candles on Rooi- next on my list is the delightful sounding “sunset sherbet” candle from the prism range.

Have you tried Paddywax candles before? If so, which scents would you recommend? You can find the entire range on the Rooi website, along with plenty of other gift ideas from brands such as Kate Spade and Emma Bridgwater. Definitely somewhere to be checking out when writing your Christmas list.