New Season Inspiration and Wish List*

I just love the start of a new season, the time where I start planning a few purchases and browsing my favourite blogs, fashion sites such as Grazia Daily and my huge catalogue of fashion retailer favourites to get ideas about looks I want to channel but never quite get around to pulling off. Of course temptation is everywhere and I could probably post a wish list every day for a month without quite getting through everything that’s caught my eye (but I won’t do that, I don’t want to become tedious!) but I did think I’d pop together a post with a few pieces that I’d love to make mine- you know, if I were a rich girl.

Jumper | Skirt | Cape | Suede Dress | Pinafore | Loafer | Jeans | Culottes | New Season at F&F | Bag

Basically what I’m loving most right now is that the pieces I enjoyed the most from Spring/Summer have been given an update for the cooler months ahead. Some of my favourite brands have totally upped their game and bought out some killer collections too, F&F at Tesco have got some of the best knitwear and outerwear that I’ve seen so far and gain major bonus points for being available as you do your food shop- also lethal as I’m prone to forget fridge essentials at the best of times! I’m hoping to rustle up some pennies for chunky knits, all things suede and of course something feline themed! My most major mission though is for some heeled loafers, perfect for the office AND with mini skirts and chunky tights for weekend chic.

What are you coveting as we head in to Autumn? And where do you gain most inspiration from?

It’s a Seventies Thing!

As we step towards Spring it seems the fashion world has gone back for the Seventies trend and I’m going to stick my hands right up and say I’ve fallen head over flares for it too. I’m not doing much in the way of shopping right now but I have put together a wish list of pieces I’m loving on the high street right now for when I do have some pennies to spare.

Free People Dungarees | M&S Jeans | M&S Wide Leg Trousers | M&S Wide Tunic Dress | New Look Midi Dress | New Look Midi Jacket | New Look Midi Top | New Look Midi Skirt | Topshop Clogs | Zara Fringed Jacket

Which trend are you most looking forward to for the new season?


New York Fashion Week Favourites

This is the first of a series of four Riddles I’m creating, rounding up my favourites from the Spring/Summer catwalk shows. If you like what you see then please do spread the word on facebook/twitter/your own blogs and watch this space for the London edit next week…

Oh, and let me know in the comments who your New York favourites were!

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Thoughts on the Trainer Trend

I may live in a small town where fashion mainly passes us by but with the ever growing love for streetstyle photography and sources of inspiration such as pinterest and of course other blogs even I’ve not managed to escape noticing the humble trainer becoming a bit of a trend.
(image sources here and here)
I’m not really a trainers kind of girl, despite all the photographic evidence to the contrary I still see them reserved for exercise only. As a teen I lived in jeans and trainers but as I’ve grown up my love of the sports shoe has somewhat diminished.

With that said, trainers have come a long way lately and they can quite clearly be used to pull off some super chic looks. I think my problem is my memories of wearing trainers as an every day shoe doesn’t quite tally up with my style these days. Perhaps I need to get myself feeling brave and give this a go…having a mental flick through my wardrobe I can’t quite think how I’d incorporate them just yet but a bit of experimentation is fun and they’ll make a nice change to boots over the winter months- I’ve been having a little browse and quite like this pair.

What are your thoughts on this footwear trend? One you’re embracing or are you quite happy to let it pass you by?



Jumper and Skirt both New Look
Boots: Yull
Hat: H&M
So, these photos really are rubbish- an experiment with early morning lighting but at the same time they kind of fit the theme of the post and so I’m sharing them regardless.
I’m not usually one to jump on trend bandwagons, I barely pay attention to them and buy what I think suits me instead…this season seems to be a little different though, there are several trends I’m really enjoying and one of those is monochrome. There’s something about the clean cut styles and bold contrast between black and white that really appeals to me. I have very chalk and cheese taste though, my second favourite trend is neon.
Another change for me is that I’m not usually a Topshop girl. I can usually quite happily take it or leave it whilst other bloggers fawn over every new arrival (this isn’t a criticism folks!) However my search for my favourite monochrome items on the high street led me to one place and one place only…behold!

This was just the tiniest selection of what I’m craving. All I need now is the Topshop budget; I find their prices hard to swallow at times…how do other people do it?

Happy March people; Spring is on it’s way!