Cats & Kimonos

It’s rare for me to like more than one trend from any given season, but Summer 2014 has seen me fall head over heels for several and kimonos are no exception. I’ve toyed with the idea of getting one for a while now, but I wasn’t really that sure I’d get the wear out of it. The decision was made for me though when the lovely Julia from JuliaheartsU decided she’d like to send me one from her selection of handmade beauties.
Kimono c/o JuliaheartsU | Vest: Primark | Jeans: New Look | Sandals c/o Sarenza
The second Ben and I started taking these photos Mae came flying out of the back door to join us. She’s not usually one for being outside during the day, preferring to party in the garden all night instead, but still she rolled around and posed for the camera with me like a pro, stealing the limelight.
I just love this Kimono so much, it really added something to an otherwise dull ensemble. I also, in an odd way felt it added to my confidence in wearing these jeans because it drew attention away from my thighs. That’s not the point though, this just hangs and drapes so beautifully, Mum already has her eye on it so I’m going to have to watch it carefully!
Have you sported a Kimono yet? I’m really loving seeing how bloggers are styling them, the downside being I suddenly realise how un-fashion I am!


5 comments for “Cats & Kimonos

  1. Love the idea of a kimono, I just need to find the one. Will be checking these out for sure!
    You look amazing (Mae too) x

  2. Liz

    I love kimonos, the pattern on yours is lovely. Mae does seem to love a bit of photo bombing! Liz xx

  3. I am a big fan of kimonos but I have never seen any made from upcycled scarves. I have 2 that are actual vintage kimono dressing gowns that I have shortened but the fabric isn’t as floaty. I love this website not only are the the kimonos really beautiful but they also fit really well with my eco friendly buying policy! This kimono looks lovely on you the colours look perfect with your hair. Mae is super cute too!

  4. SJ

    I have been swaying back and forth between wanting a kimono and I now have two (one in an OOTD on by blog at the moment) I love them for weather like this as they’re a great alternative to a heavier cardigan or coat 🙂 x

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