Sarenza Sunday: Peace & Love

Far be it from me to detract your attention away from Sarenza’s incredible array of shoes, but as I have mentioned once or twice (or a billion) times before they also do a rather fabulous selection of handbags too. Despite now owning the bag of my dreams in my Mulberry Bayswater I still find my attentions wandering a little bit, especially when beauties like the one I’m about to show you come along…
Hello Peace & Love Bowling Bag by Love Moschino, you thing of beauty. In general I’m not drawn to anything in the colour red, I don’t know why but that’s just how I roll. I make exception for this bag though, this super sweet bowling bag with it’s smooth, clean lines and adorable cut out heart (also available in the reverse colour way). At £170 it’s a pretty major investment (I saved for years for my Mulberry) but also kind of a bargain too as the black cut out background is actually a little purse. Still, it’s going to have to stay firmly on my wish list for the foreseeable future as I have a lot of other things that need money spending on them first but I will be keeping my beady eye out for the next Sarenza sale as I’ve snapped up handbags for a fraction of the original price in the past.
What do you think of this little cutie?


6 comments for “Sarenza Sunday: Peace & Love

  1. Beautiful bag – will check out the website.
    I just wanted to say I have spent the last few hours reading your archive . I feel I have witnessed you grow and develop through your posts into the healthy happy and very beautiful person you are. You are an inspiration. I also love your style btw and have followed x

  2. cute purse! love the heart xx

  3. It’s a beautiful bag. I would be a little worried about someone grabbing my purse out of the front, but it’s such a cute detail! x

  4. That bag is super adorable – and I couldn’t agree more about handbags, you’re always thinking of the next one!

  5. That bag is AMAZING!!!!! I have so many and get bored with them so quickly – this one is ideal! 🙂

    Tatyana x
    Secret little Stars